Why have I experienced peace one way and not the other?

About a year ago, I thought I should try Buddhist meditation. The first time I did it, I felt a great peace in my soul. This has not returned. How come I do not experience this peace is Catholicism? Thanks!

Have you tried Catholic meditative prayer?


I have recently finished reading Conversation with Christ by Peter Thomas Rhorbach just yesterday. I have not tried St Teresa’s meditative prayer yet. (But will very soon)


Maybe it’s the way you define peace?

And maybe we’re not meant to experience peace in that way?


The peace felt like inner peace however, The peace felt godless

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Fr Philippe wrote a beautiful book “searching for and maintaining peace”


True peace needs to be grounded in Truth


It is very interesting that you say that because meditation can be an effective psychological technique to reduce anxiety, depression and calm the mind and nerves. But, if you do it in the context of your faith and maybe use scripture or simple prayer as a method it takes an a whole different meaning. It becomes God full.


That is a good distinction to make. Meditation does not have to be spiritual. Many times when meditating you are not not trying to think at all and just focus on breathing. This can have great effects on the body just like fitness like running gives. You can meditate and still be Catholic. The two are not mutually exclusive.

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Yes. My wife uses a meditation technique daily, not for religious reasons but for the psychological benefit which for her is quite helpful.

There is nothing wrong with that. As I recall, the Church teaches that the effects and benefits of meditation are not God, and should not be mistaken for God nor used as a substitute for God. That is my two-second summary of this Church guidance on meditation:

There is great inner peace to be found in Christian meditation and prayer. But it is a process, one that requires patience and humility.

Meditation does not need to be particularly Buddhist. At its simplest just breathing and counting to ten, as in counting breaths, can be effective. Alternatively for something more specifically Christian, try Saying the Jesus Prayer.

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