Why I am leaving this forum

I joined only last week, and created a discussion entitled “is Mary more merciful than Jesus”, where I explained that I struggle to understand some seemingly contradictions in Catholic doctrine. The conversation grew within a few days, everyone was civil, and it was great to see so many people involved as we were trying to untie the problem. Then a moderator closed the threat two days ago without any explanation, although I thought it was supposed to close 14 days after the last post.

I am very sad to see that this is how Catholic Answers works. For so many of us, forums are the only way to ask very personal questions on the Catholic faith, discuss a peculiar problem thoroughly and speak openly about certain things. For many questions there are no official resources to go to. But even without breaking any rule, I can see that discussion is still not ok in Catholic circles, even for people of good will. If this is the way the Catholics work, then I think the Church shouldn’t be surprised to lose Her flock and should drop the idea of evangelising. If we can’t ask tough, sensitive questions, if you believe that everyone thinks exactly the way you do, and that, if the answer is obvious for you (or you don’t bother with those questions yourself), then it has to be the case for everyone else even if they don’t have your background, then yes, I think Catholic should stop pretending that they can use their brain and be involved in rational debates (since it is the purpose of Catholic Answers).

God bless all the people of good will in this forum, and many thanks to those who took the time to help me with this question (since I wasn’t given the opportunity to give one last reply to the thread I created). We didn’t have the time to go deep enough.


I don’t remember or didn’t see your thread, but mods can close threads before the 14 day period depending on a variety of factors. Where there lots of flags on the thread?

I agree with you that some Catholics don’t like tough questions and like to shut the questioner down, but I am aware that we have many informed people on here who must have surely helped answer your question. Furthermore, trying to shut down tough questions is an issue for only a few people (believe me, it’s annoying for everyone), not the majority of forum members.

Perhaps you can message the admins to ask the reason for thread closure? Like I said, the mods may have shut the thread due to an unfortunately high number of flags.

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Just start another thread. The thread that got shut down could have been done so automatically because of flags. Even if not, just start another one. If the discussion evolved enough to where you can ask a slightly different question about the same subject then that could help.

But in general this sort of “dealing with everyone” is just the way the internet is. I usually just ignore the flags and try to move on. It definitely takes some getting used to. One member who I liked, and was banned twice actually, said about CAF “it takes time to learn to ride this mule”. I think that’s about right.


Thank you both,

Here is the link to the thread: Is Mary more merciful than Jesus
I don’t know to tell how many flags there are, and I have tried to contact the moderator, but I have no option to message him when I go to his profile page…(him or any other mod or adm)

Go to Users.

Search “camoderator”

Click “Message”.

Well, believe me or not, two days ago, when the thread was closed, the option “message” for camoderator wasn’t available to me. Today, I can see it for the first time… :roll_eyes:

We believe you. New members have restrictions which are removed after a certain amount of forum activity (time spent, topics visited, posts read).


You’re new and you still haven’t seen the more insane features of the forums. Do stay, but it’s a bumpy ride. There are great connections to be made if you stay long enough. I log in mostly to speak to friends, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered.

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Moderators can choose to close threads early if they feel the discussion has run its course and the issue may be controversial.

You had a pretty long discussion on your topic, so I’m not sure why you’re so concerned with the fact that your thread didn’t run for 14 days. Your topic also wasn’t a “peculiar problem”. It’s pretty common and you could probably find 10 past threads dealing with similar topics if you didn’t think you got enough responses on your thread.

I was on your thread and it was generally civil. If you want to know why it was closed early, as someone else said you could ask the moderators, and frankly that would be better than you making a lot of assumptions as you seem to be doing in your first post.

This is a little bit concerning. You should be able to ask your priest or deacon such questions.
Also, your question wasn’t “very personal”. It was a question about Marian theology and you should be able to just bring that up with a priest, deacon, catechist etc. A forum is not “the only way” to ask a question like that. It might not even be the best way.

I disagree with you, but even if it was true none of this justifies that my thread was closed before the time.

I am also pretty sure that the moderators don’t bother to read all the conversations from beginning to end to determine whether the conversation has run its course.

That the issue may be controversial is something else. Controversy has been a thing forever in the Church (that is what scholastic “disputationes” were all about). If the topic was closed regardless because it was controversial, then what I said in my first post stands. But if, as you say, my problem was not peculiar and there were 10 past threads with “similar topics” then why would my thread be closed before time and not those.

You say that I could bring those issues to a priest, deacon, catechist, etc. I am happy to know that you can do that where you are. Catholic religious and lay people alike where I am are singularly unable to answer this question, and many other which are much more basic. There is a big crisis in the Church but I am glad to see that where you are it does not cause any problem of this kind. But you can’t assume other Catholics are in a similar situation.

Your conversation only had 45 posts. It’s not unreasonable to think a moderator read it.
You would need to talk to them to find out.
Again, it would be good if you quit making assumptions about a forum that you’ve only joined a short time ago.

If a Catholic who’s not in an underground church somewhere has a problem that he cannot bring to his priest or deacon or spiritual counselor in person, then that is a serious problem, and a forum full of strangers on the Internet should not be seen as a viable alternative to that.

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Did you message them and ask what their reasoning was?

Asking a Priest would be better. This Forum is full of bad advice and strange opinions.

Lots of topics get closed early. This is not unusual nor is it a penalty.


Well the few well-educated priests (the only I know in my area are traditionalists) are not trained to deal with converts, and their weird questions. And in those communities, asking to many question is frowned upon and segregates you from the community. Once again, I am glad it is not the case where you are.

“If a Catholic who’s not in an underground church somewhere has a problem that he cannot bring to his priest or deacon or spiritual counselor in person, then that is a serious problem”

Well said, welcome to the world of Church crisis.

“and a forum full of strangers on the Internet should not be seen as a viable alternative to that.”

You have absolutely no idea where I come from and what I have been through before compelling myself to post on a forum. I have been struggling for years. I you have an alternative to asking priest/deacons, etc (who you assume very wrongly to be more apt to answer those question than the laity, who usually do all the apologetic work), reading books and finally enquiring on forum to check that I am not the only one asking those questions, then please go ahead and give me an alternative.

And once again, I repeat that at the time my thread was closed I had NO WAY to contact a moderator.

Right. And let’s not forget what the purpose of the forum actually is:

  1. To drive traffic to the rest of the CA website, like you come for the forum but you hang around and read some apologetics and maybe shop or donate, etc.

  2. To present correct Catholic teaching. If someone asks a question about Church teachings on Mary or whatever, then as soon as a couple of posters post the correct Catholic teaching, there’s not much reason for the thread to stay open.

  3. To allow people to practice their apologetics by helping people who have questions.

The forum is NOT intended to be a substitute for asking a priest or doing your own research.


I explained the purposes of the forum above. I’m here because of (2) and (3) and a little bit for the fellowship.

I’m not sure why you are seeing this as an “argument”. You posted a question here on your question thread. You got quite a few good answers to your question. Now you are upset because your thread was closed. It is not making logical sense.

If you still have a question that was different from your previous question (which was already answered), you can simply open a new thread.

“Because the Church says so” is never the right answer to any question. You have to give the reasons why the Church says so, and these reasons have to follow the rules of logic (the answers I received were not logical, they were childishly metaphorical, allegorical and didnt make sense theologically. And if you re read the thread you will find out that I was not the only one to come to this conclusion). If the Church cannot give a biblical or rational explanation for a practice or a belief that She compells the faithful to share, then I dont see why the faithful could follow it in good conscience. Unless the Church demands blind obedience, which I dont want to believe.

Now I read that officially the moderators reserved themselves the right to close a topic if it had been massively flagged i.e if there was trolling or unicivility, and unofficially if the topic is controversial. Nowhere did I read that someone posting the Church’s teaching on the subject was among the reasons, I think you just made up this reason. Here is the FAQ and it doesnt give any of your reasons:

But now that i can contact the moderator I will do it.

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Well, I didn’t see any response on your past thread that said “Because the Church said so.”
I also disagree with you about the quality of the responses.
But I’ll leave you to work it out with the moderators.

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