Why I don't belive in Sola Scriptura

Firstly I was in doubt if I could post here or in another section. But since here specify about “commentaries” I may belive that here should be the right section to post. Basically I want give my testimony about why I don’t belive in this based on my life experience. I highly belive that the Bible should’nt be read by anyone, I personally not read without help of the Church to really understand what is said.

The reason I’m doing this is because I saw a protestant apostile about the Bible and as I read I could notice the author was trying to valid the Bible through itself and quote famous people like Isaac Newton which had more gnostic beliefs than christian (He belives the Bible could give to him the secret of Philosofal Stone) and the Book of Jo supposed had versicles which explain scientifics facts even before they get discovered. I read those versicles and I didn’t found any scientific fact, only evidences which anyone could see like the wind have height, others versicles end with a question instead an affirmation.

The main argue protestant belive in Sola Scriptura is claim the Bible is inspired by Holy Spirit in moments they cannot response or validate they argue, so since is inspired by Holy Spirit hence then denied what he said is deny God. The Bible have not historical context, the early church did not make a debate to utterance why books are valids and others which aren’t, some abstract being called Holy Spirit can guarantee the Bible is source of faith absolutely and word of God. That why I belive most atheist have an angry about God because they may belive those violents moments narrateds on Bible is God’s will and not a fact written.

I wasn’t catholic during my whole life, it’s will made one year since my conversion and mostly christian I met was protestant and they have the costume read the Bible. I don’t belive read the Bible helps anyone, actually I belive the reason they read is more sentimental than anything else. Since is “declared” for themself that the Holy Spirit will guide you when you read the Bibile and many protestant like to thing they live in the Old Testament so God speaks with him directly and this creates the feel that you are important, a special snow flake because God talks to you, like Moises, for example. The reason people that read the Bible is important is because of a feeling about of contact direct with the divinity that some reasonable compreension and for some narcotic too, since the life is tough for mostly people and the world cannot provide (and never will) provide a place without suffer, debts, problems, peace, etc they reads because they want feel good and not because they want save their souls or change they life.


There was a case in my country (Brazil) about a construction worker self-ploclameid pastor and create his church on his house, he is married and have a dream have relationship with his neighborhood’s wife and the wife have this dream too and he belives that was God will and then the worst happen that because he found a versicles which approved that and when media come to investigate the construction worker that was semi illiterate interprete the versicle wrong and fell in sin and I see many people thinking the Bible is some kind of “salvation manual”, my cathecism classes was quite bad and my catechist belives the Bible have the tutorial about “How have sucess in life, carrer, marriage, etc”.

It’s really hard to me see the Bible like a sacred books nowdays because of those events, I can only see how the Bible is important through the Church teaches, but nowdays where anyone can buy one and think he is the new Peter make me feel the Bible is useless, but I know it’s important on the Church context and not in the hands of those clowns who claims have the truth Gospel.


Good remarks and testimony! :grinning:

But caution you to not guess or explain why people (or Protestants) read the Bible. You may be right for some people, but not for all. Some of our (Catholic) BEST Bible Scholars were originally Protestant, and they read the Bible for the right reasons. :grinning:

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