Why I had an abortion


I read this and found it very superficial
Life is complex so I had an abortion
My other children would have been jealous of a new child and possibly scarred for life by having a little brother or sister

Lord have mercy

Basically, children are an uncomfortable.burden, I already have two that interfere with my life and annoy me, so because the kids annoy me let’s kill the new baby. Extremely sad.

However what shocked me the most was that she referred to the five week old as a tiny tadpoles that could become a baby. This hits me because I had an ultrasound when I was pregnant at five weeks old and the ultrasound was able to get the heartbeat and see the baby. She was very tiny but you could see the head the legs and arms. She was a formed baby just very tiny. She was no tadpole. It is shocking to see how this woman has been brainwashed to believe that her baby was not a human baby and just a tadpoles just to be able to justify killing the baby. Beyond that sad. As mother Theresa said, how can we expect to live in a safe society when you see mothers having this mentality?

Absolutely chilling.

Scarred for life by having a little brother or sister
I think more like experiencing joy for life with a new sibling who you can grow up with and share so much with.
Quite amazing really

The link did not work for me.

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