Why I have such a zeal for the Catholic Faith


Okay, many of you say I’m so “hot zealed” for the Catholic faith, which I am.

Let me first tell you a little background of where I came from:

I was born in Korea, but was adopted by very lovable parents here in the US. I didn’t grow up in a super religious family like a Catholic family would. However, my parents were religious in a way that they went to church. Methodist or Baptist, can’t remember. Though they did tell me when I was very little, I was in some kind of bible pre-school so to speak and my mother used to tell me that when Christmas would come and I saw a picture of Mary and Jesus, I would say, “Look at the baby Jesus!” and point (too young to remember that! :wink: ).

When I got older (like around 5 or 6), I remember holding a cross and you know how young kids don’t know better, I moved it like a sword!!! :eek: My brother saw me doing that and he told me to don’t do that, that’s how Jesus died. I was like, “who?” Some girl I was :rolleyes:

I remember asking who made people? to my family. They told me God did. “God? Okay. Who’s God?” and they explained it to me and I accepted it (since young children accept anything almost) and showed me the Bible. They told me the Son of God, Jesus came to die for our sins, etc. and that when we die, we’ll go to Heaven.

After that, I started to believe there was a God, really!

In 6th grade, we had to do a project on a person and dress up as that person and have the class guess who we were. I had a friend who did Jesus and he showed us a small version of the Passion (not bad enough for 12 yr olds to see!) and that’s when I thought, “oh, that’s who Jesus is!” and accepted Him too because He was the Son of God!

Through middle school and high school, my relationship with our Lord dimmed. Though when I was about ready to graduate from high school, the church we were going to (a Presbyterian) did a little meeting for high school gradutes at our school and we would meet. They gave us a NLT New Testament bible and I remember tears almost coming to my eyes, I guess because I know how much I needed God yet didn’t want to admit it or even know it.

I got baptized in the Presbyterian church accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior, etc. yet still didn’t know who He was. I saw the Bible but didn’t take pick it up and read it. My relationship with God started growing again after that, knowing my sins in the past were forgiven. Though at church, we had a pizza dinner gathering every first Saturday of the month. My parents, me and other people were there and I remembe thinking, look at all these “Jesus freaks!” Don’t they have something else better to think about? See how ignorant I was of our Lord? But He was really patient!

It wasn’t until Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ changed my life forever! My gosh, I can’t tell you how much it changed me! That’s when I really wanted Jesus to come into my life, literally! That’s also when I started picking up the Bible and reading it! Wow! It’s amazing how a movie can change one’s life (that is because it actually happened 2,000 years ago) and I was changed so literally so to speak, that I wanted to die for Christ and wanted to love Him! I was dead the past 15 years of my life but now, I was alive!

As a matter of fact, I was so eager to serve Him and please Him that I wanted to know which church He wanted me in, what He intended, etc.

Catholic came to my mind, when I was sitting in the pews at the church we were currently going to. Catholic? I was thinking and I had this desire to become Catholic even though I had NO CLUE what the religion taught or anything. Isn’t that funny? I asked my parents what the dfference was between Catholic and Protestant but they just told me it’s another religion and they are Christians too, etc. but that didn’t help me!

I drove by a Catholic church every day going to college and that desire kept getting stronger and stronger! That’s when I decided to go online to find more about the differences.

That’s when I came here to this forum to ask, those of you who remember me from the beginning! I wanted to know which church to be in! I wanted to be in the Church Jesus INTENDED AND WANTED us to be in. So that when we get to Heaven, He’ll tell us, “That’s the Church I wanted all to be in! That’s the Church I established!”

After a lot of researching and watching EWTN, plus with the help of the Holy Spirit, that’s when I came to find the Truth of the Catholic Church! I LOVE IT!!

Oh, it’s like getting a little “taste” of Heaven! REALLY!!! IT’S AWESOME!

There’s a lot more to this but I just gave you guys the basics to get an idea! Hope you enjoyed it! :slight_smile:


Well God Bless You and keep you. That movie was terriffic!


Paris that is a truely beautiful and moving testamony.

God Bless and watch over you all the days of your life.


Congratulations! :smiley:

Welcome home!!! That’s a really great story :thumbsup:

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Paris, I know that feeling too, I left the Catholic church and tried to be Lutheran for 2 years because my husband is, I don’t know what I was thinking, I came back 6 years ago and its like I’m on fire for the Church and each day it’s like I learn something new that I didn’t even know and it is so exciting, I get mad at myself sometimes that in my teen years I took it all for granted and really didn’t listen during religion classes etc. (typical teen) and now I’m just making up for lost time and sharing it with my children and husband is so awesome, I guess this is also why when I get attacked for my Catholic faith I go a little over board, I know I can’t change everyone but when we are attacked for things such as non Catholics making statments that are so false about us, I get just in a frenzy and when you can’t change their mind, I have a very hard time walking away :mad:
I’m so excited for you and I know God is Very excited for you.
thank you for sharing with us, that is a beautiful testimony :thumbsup:



Paris Blues, I really enjoyed reading your “basics!” :wink: I wish all Catholics (myself included sometimes!) would appreciate what a gift they have - like I know you will! Bless you my friend.

May the Lord be with you!



Paris, I love your zeal for the Faith! Keep it up. We’re excited for your official entry into the Church.


What a beautiful, beautiful story.

It’s funny you mention those who remember you from the beginning because your handle “Paris Blues” stands out and I remember reading this post shortly after I joined:
So now you will be receiving holy communion!

What a gift of faith and what a calling.


Because the Holy Spirit is bringing you home and preparing you to do great things for Our Lord and His church.
God bless you Paris!


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