Why I just don't really believe anymore

So I have departed from my Catholic faith. Probably forever. Honestly I have way too many disagreements regarding Natural law in that it lumps man in with animals as to how certain things are supposed to be done (The whole issue of you can exploit the female reproductive cycle to prevent pregnancy but if you use any contraceptive device (non abortion) you sin, Does not make sense). Besides that I’ve decided I don’t really identify with the Christian ethos. Beyond that I just feel like my faith just makes me depressed because I am not a loving person. I value intellect, strength, and progress over love because the things I will remember when I die are what I gave to the world in my work, not children, not family, because anybody can have a family, not everybody can slave away their life without emotional connection and happiness. That is what I am going to do and I am proud of it. It is a denial of human nature because I wish to deny my own humanity because humanity is weak and I seek strength in my own will. Happiness is a figment of ones perception, and as such I will be happy in my work. I’ve decided besides that that honestly I don’t think God gets anything out of our relationship or lack thereof either. Not to mention I don’t agree with the current pope on lots of issues, I don’t agree with a lot of teachings and I generally don’t feel guilt anymore.

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I am sorry that you have left us. You will always be welcomed back.

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That is fine. Pope Francis is human we are free to disagree with his opinions.

Good luck with that, sounds like the same thing Adam did in the garden.

Hopefully one day you will realize the error of this and return.


I have been thinking recently of how faith is named as a gift of the Holy Spirit. It made me realize that when we believe and are able to sustain that belief, sometimes even though we battle to understand, it is actually a gift from God.

I am sorry you are leaving and I pray that you will still receive this gift.

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The reed bows before the tempest but is not broken.

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Without love all your work has no inner value and it seems to me life would be pretty empty and joyless. That deeper meaning gives a fullness that is not otherwise available.

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This is more of a dissertation than a question.
If you have a question, go ahead and ask.


I’m sorry you feel that way. Have you tried Protestant churches?

Normally, being Catholic, I wouldn’t recommend this. But you are taking a huge step. You aren’t just walking away from the Catholic Church but from Christianity entirely.

If the Catholic Church is no longer for you, there are many Protestant churches you can look into. You don’t have to abandon Christianity for the sake of intellect, strength and progress.

As for love, that is more than having a family. Do you not realize that by being so focused on your work and what you will leave the world when you die, you are showing love, caring, devotion and dedication? You may not feel the emotions. But they are there.

As for disagreeing with the current Pope, join the club. Many Catholics and non-Catholics disagree with him on numerous issues.


Yeah I’ve gone to services at a Baptist church, a Lutheran church, and a bunch of others. I don’t the “HALLELUJAH!” Of Baptist churches, and I don’t really like Lutheranism either. Too much like Catholicism without being Catholicism, and I don’t really get Methodists.

Honestly I’d probably make an awesome buddhist lol. Just not a Christian.

Hm. Interesting point. Honestly you’re probably right in that by working and giving to the world I am loving but I am failing to see it that way.


I am reminded of the first few chapters of Ecclesiastes.

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I just wanted to say I think this is correct. There are many ways to love. We are not all the same.


You should try out the Amish.

They work. Lots.

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Wow, this is the definition of sad.

That’s not what you previously said.

Yeah, but they’re at least happy.

Why are you even posting this in the first place?

Am I wrong, but aren’t your comments very self-centered? You make yourself sound very independent. Do you really not need other people?

Natural law as the Church presents it can seem very distant, logically. Who decides what natural law is? NL is not survival of the fittest or anything like that. What I understand of natural law is based on some traditional beliefs (Judeo-Christianity) and then logic. For example, you shouldn’t hurt yourself or others, physically or emotionally, etc.

If you believe in God then you should study the Bible to learn his rules for living.

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