Why I think Twilight is bad for the soul

Its not for the vampires. I know Twilight has been disscussed a lot, but I wanted to say my opinion on the series. I’ve read the first book and watched the first two movies (on the insistance of my friends.) Forget that this book is poorly written, has no character development, etc. I’m sure one would say they are “just for fun’ " the junk food of literature.” Thats fine, I’ve enjoyed my fair share of these books (though not romance…I like action :))

Anyways, many people seem to be saying that this book is good for its chastity. I think quite the opposite. These books are not pure at all. Sure there is no sex, however I recall that Edward climbed into bed with her (though nothing happened), watched her sleep without her knowing, and stalked her. As well, Bella seems to be yearning for sex and in the end gets married for this reason. (I read wikipedia for the rest of the series and have also had my friends tell me.)

Furthur more, Bella focuses her whole life on Edward, ignores most of his abusive tendancies, and at one point when Jacob forces a kiss on her,(in Eclipse I think) excuses him and even realizes she loves him as a result. Bella also seems to be having a relationship with both Edward and Jacob. I would say, that the book has a sort of “abstinace porn” (excuse me) thing about it. The sexual attraction comes from the lack of sex.

Now, I can see the appeal about the book. Edward is protective, caring, charming, rich, good looking, and seems to care about a girl who we are told is not good looking and socially akward, so much so that he almost kills himself when he thinks she has died (another problem I have.)

Girls/Women (and some boys too I believe) like the books either for entertainment value, or because they want this ideal man. In reality, only Christ can fill this longing. He loves us, cares about us no matter what we do/who we are/how we look, so much so that he died to save us. I think this is a sign that our culture has deprived its self of God’s love and uses such fantasies to try and fill in the hole…which only God can fill.

Cheers. Please feel free to comment and sorry for the long post
God Bless :thumbsup:


I was actually thinking about something similar while reading Twilight. My boyfriend gave me the books as presents and I was wondering if God would disapprove of me reading this. It’s just a novel. Most novels have extreme stuff in them to make them more interesting. I’m not that into it, but as I am dyslexic, I find it difficult to find a novel that I can easily follow without having to reread paragraphs.

At the moment, I’m watching the TV series Skins for the 3rd time. Each episode is really extreme and exaggerated. Sex, homosexuality, drugs drunkenness etc… But if the directors saw this as a normal, everyday thing, they wouldn’t have included it. The drama is about the characters learning hard lessons and helping each other through these things.

I don’t think it will harm anyone except those with poor self esteem who actually look for an Edward (I’ve seen them.) It just seems to be a phenomenon, and I realize the real reason, which is the longing for love and too milk it for cash:D

I would say, yes Its just a novel, but it is the central part of the novel and acts as like this si good and healthy, not condeming it. Cheers and God Bless

Thank you. I know some young women who are “into” this thing, and it’s good to have some idea of what’s going on, without actually having to delve into this dreck for myself. :slight_smile:

Well, I know this is popular amongst the younger generations. Like in my generation (X) we had The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice come out, the books, the movie and soon there was a whole slew of vampire everything. Now the vampire trend is circling again another generation. Personally, I do not think that Christ wants us to watch this stuff OR read it because it stems from the evil one, regardless of the moral of the story undercurrent. Too many fine lines. Vampirism is demonic. I think really, that’s plain to see, it’s just difficult to not ride the wave of the fad with your friends. I understand. Remember too, through movies and music does the devil work slyly and then he’s gotcha. What you focus on, read and pretty much anything you consume WILL affect your soul, your spirit, your entire being for good or ill, you choose. Don’t kill your conscience though by allowing garbage into your mind and heart. :wink:

God bless!

Its HUGELY popular with older women as well, not just young adults. There is a whole message board just for TwilightMoms. I see women my age reading the book all the time while waiting for my daughter at her various activities. I fit into the Gen X as well.

I’ll admit I am entertained by the whole series, but I also like stuff like SNL. I think I know my limits though on when certain entertainment will affect me personally. Not every young person has that experience to say that, and that’s why these books can be concerning.

I never understood the popularity of the Vampire series by Anne Rice and that was over 25 years ago. And there was Salem’s Lot by Stephen King. I found that one to be really scary.

The scary thing for me is how many of my friend’s high school (and even college) relationships I saw reflected on a larger scale in these novels. Teenage girls in general have very little sense of self, and there is a big pressure to be in a relationship or be nobody (and that’s based on my experiences 10+ years ago and watching my sisters and cousins in the last 5 years). We were taught how to recognize an abusive relationship in early high school because so many hs relationships become emotionally/mentally abusive–which often leads to physical violence. Some of my friends went back to boys they knew weren’t good for them because they wanted to be dating someone. HS boys & girls, as a group, do not know how to be in relationships with each other because they only thing they see modeled is that sex/extreme emotional intimacy is the “adult” thing to do–and they will do anything to be seen as grown up.

Girls identify with the relationship between Edward, Bella, and Jacob because they live versions of it or know girls who do.

While I hadn’t made the connection to our spiritual relationship with Christ that the OP emphasizes, I think she makes a good point–and now that I think about it, I believe that helping teens maintain/develop their spiritual life is the only antidote to “modern society’s” norms

Never read Twilight any further than the first few pages because they just reek of the stuff I find on FFN. :rolleyes: On the other hand, I might have to slightly disagree with your comment on Christ/God being some sort of ultimate lover. Sorry but that can be so wrong on so many ways.

The relationship between us and the Creator is universal. We are called to have one with Him but that doesn’t necessarily mean such a relationship is a romantic one. If I didn’t know any better, isn’t that something more for nuns, priests and other celibate religious? :ehh: Many of us can see God as a great father, a wise master, or even a powerful general, all of which we hold great love and respect for. Such a love though, needs not to be romantic.

Anyways, back on the subject. From all I’ve heard about Edward, I can actually sympathize with him to a fair extent… even to the point of fearing that my self-inserts might be accused of being copycats of him. I mean, what kind of guy wouldn’t want to protect the girl who is precious to him? Still, if Bella’s such the hollow, socially awkward nobody that she is, I guess that’s what sets them apart from Edward. At least their love interests have personality and the self-inserts themselves aren’t as abusive. :shrug:

Yeah and so were dragons during the medieval period. Vampirism is just like magic. In the real world it’s harmful and demonic but the fictional versions always manage to become so far a cry from that, it becomes harmless. I doubt real-life vampires can turn into bats any more than real-life mages can cast real magic missiles. :rolleyes:

Hi Lost Wanderer, I was kind of intrigued by your post… why does it seem to you that having a more intimate relationship with Christ makes it ‘romantic’? I think it’s perfectly alright to see Him as the lover of our souls but not in a romantic way, just in a really personal way, that perhaps goes beyond simply seeing Him as a Master or a Father (though of course He is those things too!! we shouldn’t limit Him in any way). Just wondering :slight_smile:

God bless

Concerning Twilight… sometimes I feel like reading it, for some reason, but I have been resisting that because I don’t want to read about vampires, and I don’t think the books would have a really good effect on me.

Then again, here’s a quote below on what the good professor J.R.R. Tolkien, fantasy author of Lord of the Rings, had to say about God and romance:

" Out of the darkness of my life, so much frustrated, I put before you the one great thing to love on earth: the Blessed Sacrament. There you will find romance, glory, honour, fidelity, and the true way of all your loves on earth…by…which alone can what you seek in your earthly relationships (love, faithfulness, joy) be maintained, and take on that complexion of reality of eternal endurance, which every man’s heart desires."

Much more satisfying than Twilight …
and this is reality no less!

I’m afraid we have to throw in a bit of psychology here. Religious euphoria as a substitute for all that? Again, not the best idea. It’s the same way we try to make all other things as a substitute for everything else.

I think it’s just a fun story that helps girls and women reminisce about the first time they fell in love. I don’t think anyone who reads the books or watches the movies actually believes in vampires. It’s a work of fiction.

That said, Bella is a terrible role model for young girls. She has low self-esteem and allows herself to be stalked and abused. It also teaches girls to set unrealistic expectations for love (Edward is the “perfect” man).


If the feelings you get from the Eucharist are from the Holy Spirit, they are consolations, and are not “psychological”, but spiritual… and there’s nothing wrong with them… and they’re different from everything else we can experience… both in origin and type

Faith that relies itself on such euphoria is no stronger than love reliant on intimacy and infatuation. It’s not enough to make a relationship permanent. My friend’s an atheist right now because of that.

Firstly, thank you to Monica4316 for your response to Lost Wanderer. I agree with what you say. :yup:

Secondly, to Lost Wanderer … I also agree with what you say to Monica4316 in response to that post of hers …

You’re right that faith should rely on far more than just euphoric feelings. Jesus Himself tells us in Luke 9:23 “If any man will come after me, let him deny himself, and take up his cross daily, and follow me.”

That can entail all kinds of things unpleasant to our human nature, like suffering and overcoming selfishness, and undergoing persecution.

That said? I still see romance, glory, honor, fidelity … Jesus has taken pain and suffering, and given it a purpose and a nobility, all for the love of us.


Yeah well you see and that’s fine by me. That doesn’t mean everyone else has to though. It doesn’t mean we can’t see it in non-religious things either. Just cuz I acknowledge the universal call for everyone to have a relationship with Christ, it doesn’t mean I should frowned upon when I don’t look to religion to satisfy my desire for an intimate and romantic relationship.

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