Why if Jesus is a Jew are we Catholic?

Hi All,

I am female in my mid thirities, brought up in Catholic Ireland. But the one question that has baffled me to this very day is:

Why if Jesus was a Jew then why are we Catholic? I asked a priest once as a kid in school and he didn’t give me an answer. He told me to just pray about it!

I respect the fact there are so many religions in the world and to me religion is about everyone being here to make the best of their lives and treat their fellow human beings with respect.

But in my opinion though having done some research the Protestant religions stem from Catholism. So Protestants are really Catholics in disguise, minus the 7 books in the old testament (correct me if I’m wrong here though! It’s something like that right?). Protestantism came into existence in the 1500, so its really not the true church of God.

Muslims came into existence after Muhammad so it cannot claim to be from the origins of the time of Jesus.

Therefore it leaves us with the 2 main religions Judaism and Catholism so if Jesus is Jewish why are we all Catholic?

As I say I don’t want to offend anyone they are simply my questions which I can’t seem to find answers to.

There is therefore a 50/50 choice Jewish as the true religion or is it Catholisism. Someone please explain?

Catholism and Judaism are the origins of God’s Faith and when it all began. But why do the Jews then reject Jesus and the new testament? Are they wrong to do this? The bible was written 300AD or so. That’s a long time after Jesus was on the earth. Why wasn’t the word of God written in the year zero?

Being Irish, I’ve grew up watching the bombings on TV of Northern Ireland every day in the 70s and 80s, seen places like Iran have wars etc whch has now caused me to ask the question, if you believe you are a good and honest person you will have a happy life if you don’t bother with religion and just respect your fellow human being.

So where should the religious factor come into this if at heart I’m a good person and don’t believe in wars?



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