Why I'm not a believer in God

Oh…no, no…I’M a believer…that’s just the title of a simple Prezi I created outlining some of the reasons that people have for not believing in God. You can view it here:


It’s a work in progress, so feel free to add additional reasons people have given you in this thread.


Darn it, Randy, you gave me a heart attack! I thought for a second . . . . :eek:

Dang it , don’t scare me like that :eek:

Just follow the Breadcrumbs

I knew that Randy was up to something when I saw it:D

you definitely nailed the reasons people give for their disbelief in God.

Randy…are you the one making the list on this video?
I’m not sure how many Atheists you know or have talked to…but I know thousands of them and I must say, of the 20 or so “reasons” you show here, I’ve heard maybe two or three.
I don’t think many of these reasons are accurate.

Someone actually told you they don’t believe in a god because they want to have pre-marital sex?
If so, I think they’re pulling your leg…


This could be the reason for the title of the thread.:smiley:

You doubt my expertise? :stuck_out_tongue:

Just kidding. Let me respond by saying:

*]I spent the last six months posting almost exclusively on an atheist forum.
*]I read many books on the subject in order to respond adequately to the members of that forum.
*]Brandon Vogt is saying much the same in a new series of videos.

Putting such overwhelming “qualifications” aside, we need to examine what I’m trying to say in the Prezi.

I listed several reasons why people may not believe in God: Ignorance, Indifference, the Cost of Discipleship, negative experiences (Hurts), and Atheism/Agnosticism.

Now, you are correct to ask whether someone can BELIEVE THAT GOD EXISTS and yet choose not to pursue an active relationship with Him. They can.

But is that real faith? For example, someone might say, “Oh, yes, I’m sexually active with my same-sex partner with whom I share a flat, but God as I conceive of Her rejoices in the love that we share.”

Seriously? How closely is that aligned with the truth revealed to us by the Incarnate Word?

So, no, I don’t think many de facto atheists are going to come right out and admit that the reason they don’t care two hoots about God (or why they reject Him outright), is because of something that might be deemed a moral failure.

However, the Cost of Discipleship is real (cf. Lk 14:25-33), and awareness of what one must “give up” in order to follow Jesus does put people off. Remember, the merchant already owned many fine pearls that he had to give up in order to buy the pearl of Great Price (cf. Mt 13:45-46).

Likewise, we have many fine things in this life that we may be asked to give up in order to be a disciple.

What’s curious, Randy, is that a number of those reasons could be used against secularism/ humanism as well.
Ignorance! Just look at government
Indifference! Its a plague
I don’t need a crutch! Right. Nobody looks to the government as a crutch. :rolleyes:
Control Think about all the control things going on in secular life - gun control, control of healthcare, control of…well you name it.
Child sexual abuse: I’m a teacher, and I know for a fact that that it is an far greater problem in the secular world than in the Church.

Point: we just have to keep trying. “Go make disciples of all nations…”


I like most how you put “threats of damnation and hell” with “abusive childhood”. It is inappropriate, I think, to say this to children…there is a time and place for that…childhood is not it. I think the church has a lot of pieces to pick up because of it.

It IS inappropriate, and I was surprised at how many of the atheists I was talking with mentioned being threatened with hell by their parents when they were disobedient as youngsters. A lot of folks have deep resentments over this issue, apparently.

These atheists really had a hard time making any distinction between individual Christians (who were imperfect practitioners of the faith) and Christianity itself.

Gandhi made the same mistake saying, “I like your Christ but I do not like your Christians.”

It’s kind of sobering to realize that people are judging Jesus and God using me as the representative sample. :frowning:

Hello Randy,

I have read a book of Gandhi's statements and it's difficult for me to believe he would have said what you claim above.  What is your source?

I have read that quote attributed to Gandhi many times. I was also wondering if it was true that he said that and if so, does anyone know why?

The source of the quote appears to be uncertain. However, numerous articles discuss possible candidates:


Take your pick. :thumbsup:


After falling for the conservative media's claim that Gore said he invented the internet, and how easy it was for them to circulate, I'm going to assume that Gandhi never said it.

:thumbsup: I was reading the preaching a different Jesus article above yesterday, with non believers I think it further extends to God in general since in various religions they see things differently. But I do think from speaking to most non believers they believe in the golden rule but are doubtful of the supernatural in general. I too think they become doubtful of all this interactive religious confusion which in essence would appear contradictory to Gods commandment in John 15:12- My command is this: Love each other as I have loved you. Work in progress definitely.

Well, depending on what age…toddler age.eh I think an explanation of why something is wrong is better than what I got…“IF YOU DO THAT YOU"LL GO TO HELL”!! If you are going to do that you better be tactful and skillful on how you do it, otherwise it only becomes a nice primer for an anxiety disorder and scrupulosity as well as instilling a monster god image in an impressionable child. Im saying this a catholic not an atheist.

it seems like I remember this quote being attributed to a Native American Indian chief.

While I would agree that atheists are far more likely to see nothing wrong with single adults engaging in pre-marital sex, I don’t think it’s accurate to say that’s a reason why some atheists aren’t believers in a god.

Atheists don’t choose not be Jewish because they want a cheeseburger :smiley: Unlike Jews, Atheists don’t see anything wrong with mixing meat and dairy, but it’s not a deciding factor in determining if there is or isn’t a higher being.

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