Why in Marian Apparitions does Mary look more like a modern day Muslim than a modern day Christian?

I’ve never seen a painting of Mary as she appeared in any Marian Apparition without her head covered and she’s never been in pants, shorts, swim suit, or anything else besides long, flowing robes or a robe like dress.

Wonder what everyone thinks about it?

My grandmother died two months shy of being 106 years old. When she died, she was wearing the same style clothes and type of underwear that she had been wearing for over 50 years. WHy should it be a surprise to anyone if the Holy Virgin chooses to appear wearing the same style clothing she wore during her earthly life. Muslim women (in native dress) are still wearing very similar style clothes as were worn during the New Testament, which may account for the similarity you have noticed.

maybe because christian ladies dont respect the dressing code anymore? 60 years ago all christian women weard head scarf in my country,entering church without that would be a scandal

Mary doesn’t look like a Muslim. She appears in different ways, according to the culture and beliefs of the person, since private revelation is private.

In the end, it is not the dress code that matters but rather the true intention of the wearer and those that look at him/her. This is the reason why the “dress code” changes over time (at least in the Christian Church) but the real reason for the code does not (viz. respect for human dignity and respect for the place of worship). On the other hand, one can always follow the “old dress code” but still does not have the respect that is expected of or to him/her.

You can dress in a burka, head scarf or you can be covered from head to toe ~ but that means nothing.

It’s what’s in the heart and mind that matters to God!

A dirty homeless lady with rags on and a dirty face can pray to God and He will NOT dismiss her because she is dirty.’’

Re: Why in Marian Apparitions does Mary look more like a modern day Muslim than a modern day Christian?

Poster/member Eucharisted explained it properly… :thumbsup:

Do you know of a time Mary appeared dressed in modern American clothing? I’ve never heard of that although she’s appeared in AZ in the late 1900’s and in other places in the U.S.

I’ve only ever seen her have a head covering and wearing long robes/gowns.

A dirty homeless lady usually does not have a choice.

So as long as I have a pure heart I can show up to church in a string bikini and the priest shouldn’t say anything to me?:shrug:

Let’s remember that, at least at the beginning, Mary was a practicing Jew. Her clothing would be more accurately described as that of a practicing Jew of her time period.

At the time that Mary lived on the Earth, Islam did not exist, and it did not come into existence until several hundred years later. Since there are some common origins to Judaism, Christianity & Islam, many of the practices of Islam have been borrowed from Judaism and Christianity. So it might be more accurate to say that many Muslims of today appear the same as people in the past of the Jewish faith appeared, not the other way around. Let’s get it right!

So Mary, in her appearances, does not look like a Muslim, she looks like the person she was ~ a Jewish mother who became the first Christian.

As Our Lady of Lasalette, she worn a crown.

I always wear a headscarf to Mass or other functions within the Catholic church, as well as to work and to my own church. I usually wear one in public, unless I’m doing work (mowing lawn, mucking stalls) where it would be in the way and likely to get torn/dirty.

I realize this isn’t a requirement of either the Catholic church or my own, but I’m funny that way.


Than she would appear to you wearing a head covering and long robes/gowns. An apparition isn’t entirely particular, as if truth is dependant on the man; the truth is the truth and God presents it to the person in a way he can accept it. He orders all things in such a way that it dose not go against the truth.

well back in that time I do not think they had any thing but heard wear

Maybe it is simply because our Blessed Mother wants to be recognized in the form that most would expect her to come to us in. If she showed up in racy costume, she might be mistaken for the that other Madonna, and doesn’t want to be mistaken for a Madonna who has videos of sex with fake saints in a church.

Who’d go tell their Bishop they saw that in a vision? ewwww

Okay, I somewhat see your point; however, I know many Jewish women and for centuries no of them nor their ancestors have dressed in that manner - I’m not speaking of how Mary may have dressed way back when she lived on Earth, but how she has been dressed as she appears for the last 5 centuries - like at Guadalupe in the 1500’s, like in China & Vietnam in the 1900’s & in Medjugorie in the late 1900’s, etc. Never in even remotely modern dress & always with her head covered - is she trying to tell us something through her choice of dress - it is completely counter-cultural, including counter-Jewish culture.

It is not counter-Jewish culture, not in the timer period in which she lived. Even today Orthodox Jewish women use some sort of head covering.

While I do not pretend to know the mind of the Mother of God, it is not unusual for women to dress in a way that they are comfortable, even if the style is very out of date. It’s just possible that Mary is doing just that. But why is the style of her clothes important? Isn’t the message more important than the style of clothing she wears?

Style is a message. It can say: I’m a business person or I’m a slut or I’m bum or I’m respectible

Sirach chapter 19 verses 29 & 30 “A person is known by his appearance…A person’s attire…show what he is.”

I could be wrong, but in the Guadalupe apparition, did not Mary appear with the features of an Indian, and was she not wearing a tilma, a garment worn by Juan Diego’s people?

Even in 1918, women were still wearing long skirts, too. Mary’s outfit would not have seemed so strange.

And in Japan, for example, with our Lady of Akita in the 1980s, well, though ‘modern’ Japanese wear ‘westernized clothing’ for work, etc, I do believe that many if not most still wear the kimono.

So I wouldn’t expect the Blessed Mother to appear even in, say, Virginia today wearing a ‘prep’ look of knee length skirt, tights, and sweater-set, even though it would certainly be considered a ‘modest’ outfit’ for a young woman.

Mary is a queen. Her soul and body are united in Heaven, and Heaven is her ‘home’. I think that is the reason that her appearance remains what we might call largely unchanging. In Heaven we won’t have ‘fashions’ the way we do here–we will certainly be clothed in garments when our souls and bodies are united at the Last Judgment (Christ reminded us that we will wear the ‘wedding garments’ that are expected of guests. . .which are as a side note provided by the ones giving the feast). . .

Much as Christ, in His glorified body, could be ‘recognized’ or not depending on the ‘sight’ of the followers, Mary is ‘recognized’ as well.

OK, well then I guess Mary is showing people how she prefers to be seen. Certainly she’s respectable even if our modern eyes find her clothing old fashioned. And maybe she’s trying to tell us something, such as “women should cover their heads”.

But the original question was why is Mary dressing as a Muslim in these appearances. She’s not, since Islam didn’t exist in her time. Perhaps a related question might be “why are modern day Muslims dressing like the Mother of God?”

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