Why intellect is imaterial?


To me intellect is related to complexity of brain so it is material.


It is related to the brain. But it is not reduced to the brain.


What do you mean with “it is not reduced to the brain”?


Can you point to a scientific study where, simply by viewing someone’s brain, that person’s level if intelligence could be deduced?


How about this study:

Wickett et al state:

“There is no longer any doubt that a larger brain predicts greater intelligence. Several research teams, using differing scan protocols, populations, and cognitive measures, have all shown that IQ and brain volume correlate at about the 0.40 level ( …) obviously replication of this effect is no longer required. What is required now is a more fine-grained analysis of why it is that a larger brain predicts greater intelligence, and what it is about intelligence that is most directly related to brain volume” (p 1096, emphasis added).

I also would like to know Catholic’s opinion on this subject that how soul could affect the intelligence?


Okay, that’s valid.

Could you rephrase that? I’m not sure what you mean.


It is believed that intellect is a attribute of soul. I was wondering if there is any argument in favor of this.


By whom? I’m not doubting you, just trying to get more info


I believe that Aquinas has some argument about this.


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