Why is abortion "sad" or "tragic"?

Very often, you will hear even pro-choice people speak of abortion as something sad, tragic, a serious decision, something after which a woman is never the same, and so on.

If someone does not believe that abortion is murder, the taking of a human life, why exactly would they feel this way? If it is a simple surgical procedure, no more serious than (or not as serious as), for instance, an appendectomy, removal of the gall bladder, or removal of wisdom teeth, then what is sad or tragic about that? You have the operation, you recuperate, and that’s that.

Some reasons I’ve pondered:

  • They do not see it as human life, but as the beginning of a potential human life, and it is kind of sad that it will never get to become a human person
  • It is a failure of contraception and a recognition that you cannot always prevent the “life process”, as it were, from beginning
  • The process of pregnancy has begun, with all of the emotions, hormones, and physical and chemical reactions that go with this, and to interrupt this natural process is somehow less than ideal
  • It is a “kind-or-sort-of” pre-human, and even though it “had to be ended” for some supposedly good reason, it is sad in somewhat the same way as a miscarriage is “sad” (this seems to be the Japanese approach, where women will make prayer offerings, or whatever the word would be, to their never-born children)

Am I missing something here? Reading something into it that’s just not there?

Abortion is usually a mother murdering her own child, it is possibly the worst crime a human being can engage.


Well, of course it is, but pro-choice people generally argue otherwise. They cannot call it murder, for that would make them… murderers.


First, we need to stop calling them “pro-choice”, they are . . . pro-killing of unborn children.


It’s the commonly accepted term, it’s not in any way offensive, and it describes them accurately. A person can be “pro-choice” and say “I do not believe in abortion and would never have one myself, I don’t like abortion, it’s an ugly and tragic choice, but I cannot force my views onto someone else, nor force them to refrain from abortion just because I don’t believe in it myself”.

I don’t endorse a pro-choice viewpoint, but I can see how someone could be, after a fashion, both “pro-choice” and “pro-life”. They could want to see women bring their babies to term, but at the same time allow for women to end their pregnancies if they think that is what they have to do. They could also, hypothetically, want to work to enable women to keep their babies, want to see abortion become rare, and draw more and more people to abandon abortion, yet be committed to retaining abortion access as an alternative, even if not the best alternative, working towards keeping it safe, making it rare, and possibly one day eliminating the need for it as an option.

Do not think for a moment that this reflects my own thinking. I am unalterably pro-life under all circumstances.

Their opinions, their thoughts, their political views do not matter.

Truth is all that matters.


So, a person that thinks, for example, that killing the jews in gas chambers is wrong but defends the right of an elected government to do that if it is in its will is just “pro-choice”? Wouldn’t a person that believes in this wouldn’t be called a vicious nazi?

Abortion is an abomination, history’s worst genocide. People in first world countries are so used with abortion that seems that they can’t see how wrong it is. At least, here in Brazil, where this is (in most cases) still a crime, we still can see things a little bit clearer. I think is just a defense mechanism. Abortion is not a debate, it is a pestilent genocide . . . .


I would guess this pretty accurately reflects the position of any pro choice folks I know. Regarding contraception which I sometimes abortive, I would also add I meet a lot of moms who kind of seem to know down they “could be” ending a pregnancy, but they just hope that’s not what’s upending (they just want to prevent ovulation) & it’s a huge can of worms between them and the husband so they just try not to think about it.

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To answer your original question, I disagee that most pro-choice people deny that they are ending a human life.

If a pro-choice person is so ignorant of the development process of the baby in utero, they can easily have thier mind changed to the other side by being shown ultrasound images or even those animated videos from Live Action that show what happens during an abortion.

The language “sad”, “tragic”, ect. instead I’d argue is used becuase they acknowledge the woman is choosing to end the life of thier child, at whatever stage of development, but they are also acknowledging that taking a human life has lasting consequences, even though it is intended. I would argue these pro-choice people still advocate that abortion needs to remain legal because they view the life of the mother, her wants and desires, more than the life of her unborn baby. And thus because the mother is “more important” if she chooses to kill her child, she has to be allowed to.

Why is abortion “sad” or “tragic”?

Because it’s purposeful murder of babes in the womb…

Just imagine… The most dangerous place in this world for a child to be is in his/her mother’s womb. Over 1 million abortions are performed per year in the US.

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I think one reason that abortion is such a difficult legal issue in the U.S. is because the two main political parties (the rest only have a percentage or two of the population who support them, so they aren’t relevant) have both embraced viewpoints that directly oppose the way their Party views government.

The Democratic Party believes that Government at all levels (local, State, Federal) should be involved in the lives of the citizens…

… except for abortion. In that one exception to their philosophy, they believe that the decision to abort a child should be in the hands of the individual–a woman and her doctor.

So the Democratic Party goes AGAINST its usual “Big Government” philosophy and favors individual choice.

The Republican Party believes in minimal government involvement in the lives of the citizens, and believes that individuals, when given the freedom (from government laws and regulations) possesses the will and the ability to deal with their own problems…

…except for abortion. In that exception to their philosophy, they believe that the choice to abort a child should be in the hands of the federal government, or more accurately, that the ability to choose to abort a child should be taken away from the federal governnment and returned to the more local State government (which would mean that many States would ban abortion).

So the Republican Party goes AGAINST its usual “Small Government” philosophy and favors government control.

What this means is that both Parties have people who are in opposition to their Party Platform. Many Democrats, especially Catholics, are opposed to abortion, but still believe in a bigger government role in the everyday lives and choices of people.

And many Republicans, especially Catholics, are opposed to abortion, but still believe in a limited government role in the everyday lives and choices of people.

So…people don’t really know what to do about this, and they end up either not voting, or voting against their Party Preference on the hopes that abortion will be ended, or they vote for a 3rd Party candidate which is, in practical terms, throwing away a vote because most of the time, their vote does not matter to the media or to the outcome of the election. (There have been times when a 3rd Party was able to influence the outcome of the election between the two main Parties because the 3rd Party candidate took a large enough number of votes.)

I don’t think this will change. At this point, abortion is being used by BOTH of the main parties as a “lure” to draw in people on the basis of their promise to either end abortion or keep abortion “safe” and legal. When the Republican candidates get elected, they vote for pro-life legislation, but there are still so many candidates who vote against this legislation, so it doesn’t often pass.

Sign, only God can help us.

I have known a number of women who have had abortions. For many reasons.

I don’t know any who have expressed anything other than a sense of relief. Even many years later.

Some perhaps regret that the abortion was necessary. Especially when the pregnancy was planned but something went terrible wrong.

I don’t doubt some women are psychologically damaged from having an abortion. But I know many who also have been psychologically damaged by having children and feeling they chose wrongly to marry and have children altogether.

I’m sorry I don’t have an answer to your question other than to say the vast majority of women who have abortions don’t, I believe, have the feelings you described.

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I agree that truth is key, but how do we get from truth to the victory of love and life? What’s your battle plan?

Hardened hearts are not warmed and converted by shouting the truth. The OP has noticed an attitude that may be significant. This thread is intended to understand that attitude. Understanding may lead to dialogue, and dialogue with charity can lead others to truth.

Volunteer with women in crisis pregnancy. Listen to them, understand that they are by and far not the monsters that they are painted to be.

I have done this for decades. In all of that time, I have met one woman who was the callous, cold “not a human, my BC failed, this is my 4th abortion” stereotype.

Every other woman felt she had no choice.

There was pressure from family, partner, husband. For young women, many MANY were kids of Christian homes where “my family will kick me out, if they find out I am pregnant” because parents have said that over the years. Parents have said terrible things about other families who had a kid “get knocked up/knock up someone” with “if one of my kids pull a stunt like that, I will not be raising no grandkid. They will be out the door.”

Others have partners who will give a “me or that baby” ultimatum.

Women are already working 2 jobs to support the kids they have and just cannot do it again. Women who will lose their jobs (yes, it is illegal and it happens every day).

Women are in a place where they see no other option. CPCs offer ultrasounds, classes and some diapers/baby clothes. The women need far more than that.

Adoption? Our society looks down on people who “give up their baby”.


Congratulations, you’ve done the thing that completely shuts down discussion and guarantees that no progress will ever be made on this issue.


I think that often on some level they know that the baby was alive and they were responsible for it no longer being alive, but they dont want to see it that way because it is too hard. I am not judging them by that statement, only saying that this is human nature, we often see things, then avoid them because it’s easier or more comfortable. We may even lie to ourselves and I believe that often these ladies lie to themselves, for the sake of their own sanity in many cases. Being pregnant and not wanting to be, must be a very traumatic situation to be in and the human brain is very adept at fabrication, so if it can fabricate a situation to make that easier or ‘not be’ then it will, even if another part of the brain knows it is a lie. We do it all the time on smaller matters, like if I eat that cake I’ll work it off in the gym tonight…yeah right.


That position is still pro-abortion, because it supports the existence of a right for someone to kill their unborn child if they choose to. Would someone who said, “I would never beat my own wife, but I cannot force my views on someone else, nor force them to refrain from wife-beating just because I don’t believe in it myself,” be pro or anti wife beating?


It’s a strategy to put their arm around your shoulders as they walk you up the sidewalk to the abortion clinic. I’m your friend, I know this is hard, I will help you.


This is a useful and effective analogy.

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