Why is Amazon telling me to vote?

I just wanted to order a glass cleaner and that’s the first thing that popped up on their site.

I just wondered why bother with the constant reminders to vote. Some people have no idea about politics and don’t care and it’s probably better that they don’t vote in that instance right?

Or is the constant reminder to vote to tell these people they should get involved in politics because it’s important to voice any opinion at all even if you just don’t care and are not sure.

I care by the way and will be voting, I was just curious as to why the constant reminders I’m seeing everywhere. Back a few years ago I never cared and didn’t vote and reminders didn’t move me to vote.
People who want to vote don’t need these constant reminders, they know when it is voting day. Even my Chromecast put up a vote reminder.

Just a random thought that occurred to me.

Don’t forget to vote tomorrow!
See, I would only say that as a reminder to a group of people I know would vote for my candidate but they stayed out partying late and may sleep in the next day.

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It is their right to vote, even if they are not well educated about politics.

Yes I don’t disagree it is still a right.

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Honestly, I would be okay with a civics test and having to go in a renew your voter registration like you do for a driver’s license. I think some effort and knowledge should be exerted to vote. Similar to driving.


Knowing a lot of Silicon Valley types, they just wanted to be extra sure that you fill out your ballot tomorrow.

For Biden, that is.


America historically has had terrible voter turnout… I for one think it is a very good thing that more and more companies are encouraging people to participate in the political process.

They are not telling you how to vote, only to exercise your civic duty… hard to see a downside


That’s a good point thank you. What would you say is the best way for someone to start learning about the political process, if they’re not in college for example and even there they may be influenced by a professors political beliefs. My teen daughter, for.example, has been learning politics from main stream media, and is a democrat. She became interested in her civic duty, looked up what was going on in the news and now hates Trump even while my husband and I explained our views and how she was wrong on a few things. Unfortunately she wasn’t open to hearing us. Anyway someone new to politics would probably not know “where to start” but I guess a good way would be to look up where candidates stand on policy somewhere on the internet and go from there.

That’s an interesting idea! Thank you. I’m not good at politics so this may sound like a weird question but I wonder what kind of unbiased questions would be asked that wouldn’t lean to a political party. Curious what would be one question you would think of.

How about this?

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People who don’t care or don’t know anything about politics are voting and don’t know how it will affect society at large.

I think @Shakuhachi has brought up a good list and a good point. If a foreigner needs to take a test similar like this to vote, we should institute it as well. It shouldn’t be overly difficult, just to at least know how the country runs in its basic form that citizens have a vested interest in participating in our democracy.

Developing critical thinking skills is important for all of us, and it is never too early or too late to begin.

Young adults who see their parents doing research, speaking openly about original sources, if they see parents who are not blindly following any political party, they are likely to do the same.

There is nothing wrong with a person being a Democrat or a Libertarian or Green Party or ASP or Republican. What matters is that they make these decisions based on something other than living in an echo chamber.

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All the platforms are telling me to vote today. I have no idea how they think anyone could have forgotten what day it was, and besides, many of us have already voted. My ballot has been sitting in “received but not yet counted” status for over 2 weeks, and it’s not alone.

Just more silly virtue signaling from large corporations. Fortunately, all this nonsense will disappear by tomorrow.

As for “it’s better if people don’t vote”, the Catechism states that it’s our duty to vote.
And being a brilliant, informed voter has never been required in the USA.

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Yeah I was actually thinking of my elderly father who became a citizen as a senior, he would never be able to answer many of those questions in the sample questions someone provided here, but he likes Trump for many legitimate reasons and he’s been in this country almost 50 years. He may not be brilliant by the worlds standards but he sure is wise. And heck I probably can’t answer a bunch of those questions myself.

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Yes, thank you, but sadly even when pointing to evidence that showed my daughter was clearly wrong on several issues she didn’t want to hear it. I think I know her pretty well and I feel this is also a rebellion of sorts and I think when she matures we’ll have a good laugh. I just have to keep praying and it’s weird it’s not the top thing on my list. I always think of God every day He’s just naturally on my mind but I don’t always “talk” or “pray” to Him. He knows my longing for these children of mine but I haven’t started the rosary or “pray at night” as I feel I should. Just thinking of Him and praying in spurts that this girl change isn’t enough I think anyway.

I’ve voted for most Presidential candidates in my life based on whether I liked them and thought they had the ability to fill the chair. Platforms only go so far, because oftentimes a President is not able to follow through on his platform for some reason, or he takes some unexpected tack especially if it’s his second term and he doesn’t have to worry about re-election and just does what he wants.


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