Why is an obelisk, of pagan origin, located in St. Peter's Square?

I’ve been doing some research into Egypt recently. I found out that the vertical structure called the obelisk was believed and used to harness energy by the egyptians. It is referred to by some sources as a phallic symbol (penis) among other things. There is actually an obelisk in vatican city.

While I understand that it is a cultural icon that the romans incorporated into their architecture, I don’t think the seat of authority of the Catholic Church should keep such things around especially in such a prominent place. It could and I’m sure has already create doubt and confusion in the minds of those faithful who look to the church for christian leadership and who know the strong association of this symbol/structure to esoteric knowledge and necromancy.

What is the significance of the obelisk in the vatican as far as catholicism and christianity is concerned?


While many people have been confused about the Catholic Church for various reasons, the obelisk is not one that comes readily to mind for most. It is actually topped by a bronze cross, containing a fragment of the true cross. The Church has Christianized many pegan symbols of the past–including the Christmas tree. Read the following:


Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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