why is any other religion wrong?


okay this i’ve been putting off for way way to long.

why is any other relgion besides christianity wrong?

  1. is it because you have been told this your whole life?
  2. its cause the devil has created all of them?

those are only two examples i can think of right now…but please tell me why?

i may be just 15 but i know the line of good and evil and i stay on the good side. i know that what i do is right for me, i can feel it from head to toe…or is that just the devil playing tricks on me?


God love ya, reborn!

In the Catholic scheme of things, reason plays a big part in why we believe what we believe. Basically we start from the position that a great deal can be known about what is real just because we have a brain that asks questions and comes up with answers that “work.” Reason shows us that there must be a creator. Certain aspects of the creator can be determined through logic and reason.

Other attributes of the creator must be revealed, such as that he is loving and personal. That is where faith comes in.

Maybe something like Charles Rice’s book, Where Did I Come from, How Did I Get Here, Where Am I Going? would be a good place to start.


God put his laws on all men and his grace pulls us to him.

For humans, of long ago, who had no knowledge of Christ, sometimes that desire for God could cause them to create religions that had some aspect of truth and beauty in them.


i agree with everything you said. i know in my heart that something greater than us made this world…its just i dont bealive that it was one god, and im sorry if i sounded very immature its jst i get so mad when people attack other religions cause of bieng diffrent


You are not sounding immature.

WHen I was 11 I had a good friend from Asia.(don’t know where in Asia) One day I found her pulling flowers off a bush that grew wild on the side of the road(I think that it was oddly enough a rose like bush) I asked her if she was gathering the flowers for her mom and she said no. SHe was going to put them in front of her shrine to Buddha. I was surprised because she seemed so utterly peaceful and reverent. I, as a little southern Baptist, had been taught that only Christianity had any truth or beauty to it.

Later, when I became Catholic, I was thrilled to learn about Invincible Ignorance and that all mankind has God’s grace pulling on their souls. This explains my friend’s devotion and faith.


:slight_smile: is your friend still a budhist?


I don’t know. I grew up in an unstable home enviroment with a mother who moved every few months. I lost track of the my friend. She was very sweet though and I still think of her from time to time. Considering that this was twenty-nine years ago, it tells you the impact that her faith had on me.


Because other religions do not have reliable testimony.



Religion is a man made invention.

You need to repent from your sins and receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

We all broke the law, we have lied, looked with lust, etc… Examine yourself by the Ten commandment. If you sin just once a day, that is 365 sins a year * your age. In court you are guilty of breaking one law you pay the consequences.

Jesus took your place on the cross, paid the fine on your behalf, and then rose from the dead, proving He was God.

He asks that you repent away from sin and toward Him and put your trust in the Savior.

There are 2 types of religion:

Human Achievement:

Man has to do a set of religious activities to achieve salvation.

Divine accomplishment:

God did it all on the cross.

The first is the world’s religions (Catholics, most protestant denominations, Islam, Hinduism, etc…) with all their requirements and works.

The second is true Christianity, the type of religion God desires is what He already did.

Once you are saved, God gives you a new heart, with new desires for Him. He helps you live a life according to His good pleasure. You do it out of gratitude, not to get something. You obey the law and the Bible because you love and believe God.


rbarcia, this is confusing. First you say that religion is a man made invention, then you list a string of religious tenets. Then you list Catholicism with Islam and Hinduism as a system of requirements and works. What are you smoking?


I don’t smoke. I used to smoke when I was younger. I am not sure what is confusing about the post.


its confusing cause with your first statment you sounded like an athiest “relgion is man-made” you said religion so that is taken as relgion as a whole…please be more specfic next time

not to be rude


can i have an example?


Who told you they were ‘wrong’? And what do you mean by ‘wrong’?


1 + 1 = 2
1 + 1 != 3

Similarly if two people say there is no afterlife and there is an afterlife either one is right and one is wrong or both are wrong.

Its because there is a truth that there are false assumptions.

We assume Christianity is superior because we are Christians. Sure there are logical reasons why Christianity is better than Faith X but most people just believe so because they are Christian and it is what they were raised with. I claim the vast majority believe Christianity is superior because of their own pride, for if it is to be false they are wrong, therefore to them they must be gullible and foolish. That’s just not fun. (If you want to get into why Christianity is true we can do that in another thread, this one is why we believe others are false.)

Other religions are wrong because thats the way simple logic works out. 1 + 1 can not equal both 2 and 3 at the same time. One, or both, must be wrong.

So if we assume we’re right, everyone else must be wrong.

So that comes down to why there are other religions. Well people have reason, and people seek the truth. Atheism appeals to people because in it they see the truth of the goodness of reason. New-agey religions appeal to people because they see truth in the existence of the spirtiual side, etc, etc. In it they all seek truth.

God is the truth, the word. All people seeking truth are searching for God.

Yes Satan and his forces do try to influence people’s beliefs. See the Aztec’s ritual human sacrifices. See today’s religiously zealotous slaughter of infants in their mother’s wombs. But when Satan tries to convice us of a belief hes just taking advantage and trying to distort that natural desire God gave us to search for Him.

When the ancients felt the wind blowing they sought it’s source. They can pucker their mouths and blow. Its a simple step from there to assume a being with much more blowing power than they is blowing. Thus they invented a diety in order to seek the truth. (Just my hypothesis.)

The whole I know good from bad thing is a seperate thread too, dealing with something Catholics call natural law. At its essense we all know to do good and avoid evil, and we all can be held at that oligation.

Sorry my post is incoherent, its rather late. I hope I helped explain, or if not I’m sorry.


Religion is from God and only God. Judism is from God. But then Jesus Christ fulfilled everything in the Old Testament. Catholicism is the fulfillment of Judism.

Cults are what is not a religion.

You cannot put us in line with Islam and Hinduism.


We are confusing the OP. Reborn Pagan is a teenager and some of you are going over his head or explaining in vague ways difficult concepts. Bring it down a bit guys.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll try and explain. Other religions are not always bad. Some of a great deal of truth in them. Why? Because God, in his wisdom, gave us all the knowledge of right and wrong.

God wants us to come to him. That is why so many people begin to ask the Whys about life. Why am I here? Why is there evil? Why did life even start? Animals don’t ask these kinds of questions, only humans. Its God’s grace that prompts us to ask such questions and to even begin a search for truth and knowledge in the first place.

When cultures begin to work in concordance with God’s grace and these natural laws to answer these questions they do create religions that have some truth and beauty in them.

So, I can’t say that these religions are wrong, nor can I say that most religions were created by Satan. Buddhism isn’t evil, for example.

But the only faith that has the fullness of the truth-the complete truth-is Christianity.


Shame on you rbarcia.:frowning: Are you saying that Catholics are not ‘true Christians’? How horrible and insulting.

You listed Catholicism under religions seperate from what you term ‘true’ Christianity.



When I was about 15 I was confirmed a Catholic. At that point I believed that everyone could enter heaven no matter what their beliefs. The Preist who lead our confirmation preparation classes is one of the greatest people I know, and he told us that while Catholics are blessed by being on the best path to God, that does not mean others are wrong. All it means is that they are taking a different route. It might not be perfect but Jesus will meet them on it.

Since then I have lapsed into Atheism, I’m now 18. I realised I just didn’t believe in God and I began to view religion as a product of human nature. Everyone thinks their relgion is right but maybe they all are wrong. The way I see it, most people believe in Father Christmas when they are little. Their parents tell them he exists and they trust their parents utterly. Of course they should it makes survival sence. 10,000 years ago if your parents told you not to go out side because the tigers will eat you, your unlikly to survive if you try and put that theory to the test. As you grow older, you realise that your parents actually don’t believe in Father Christmas and it seems that all adults don’t. The ground on which you built your faith disappears and you have that realisation that your parents are putting presents in the stockings. However, its different with religion, Christianity as well. Once you reach a more inquisitive age the ground on which you built your faith stays solid. Your parents do believe in God and so do you. Later the same thing happens with your children.

If two people have an argument, and one says 1+1=3 and the other says 1+1=5, it doesn’t mean one is right and one is wrong. Different religions exist for the same reasons different cultures exist. No religion is better then another, and even if they are wrong it doesn’t even matter. If your happy with what you believe and your leading a good life, good for you!


Hello Jake!

I am not beating up on you just pointing something out. Many people have done horrible things that made them happy.

The Aztecs slaughtered war captives. The Aztecs might have been very happy but their captives certainly won’t. So, it isn’t enough to be happy with yourself.

As far as good goes…what is good? What is right and fair? Who decides? It become arbitary if we depend on our own selves to decide.

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