Why is bad music like rap so popular instead of music like heavy metal or rock?


I wonder why rap music is more popular than music like metal or rock music?


I honestly don’t know why people like rap in the first place. The melody isn’t really that great most of the time.


I love rap.

I also love country, rock, metal, classical, bluegrass, and on and on.

Open your mind a little, there’s good music in every genre.



I am not a fan of rap but can appreciate the talent, creativity and genius behind some (not all) of the lyrics.




Wisdom right here folks.


I like metal and have been to Wacken, HOA, MD Deathfest multiple times, Auburn Records Christmas show multiple times, too many Doom fests to count, Frost and Fire Fest, and a lot of individual shows, and Dio was my fave. And I’m here to tell you that rap isn’t all “bad music” any more than metal is all “good music”, and the reason rap is popular is that it’s cheap and easy to make and its listening audience is the one that listens also to radio, streaming, and club play, all of which help make music “popular”.
Also a lot of rap artists are cross-selling themselves across fashion and other industries so it’s not solely about music for them.

I could go on all day but if you just use your head and follow the money you can figure all this put yourself.


Most of the rap i have heard blasted from cars and the like seem to be about swearing,gangbanging and such.


Yeah, same as 75 percent of all rock since it was invented.


Give this a try


I don’t like rap much either but maybe it’s popular because people like it and calling it bad is purely subjective bias.


I don’t mind the sort of cotton candy rap of the 80s to early 90s, but I can’t really stand anything beyond that. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything good there. As a reminder, Jazz, Rock, and blues were a black thing before white performers made them palatable.


I’d rather have a sister in a cathouse than a brother that listens to rap :nauseated_face:


Maybe I don’t like it because I like the more “sophisticated music.”


Perhaps because it makes people feel good in a way that rock and heavy metal don’t.


N.W.A. was “cotton candy rap”?


Let me add. There is no melody in rap.

I hate rap. It’s not music. Culture these days have become so lowbrow.


I would argue that rap (good rap) easily has more depth than rock or metal and more staying power. Biggie, for example, will never die. In fact to me the best rap is almost on par with classical and nothing else comes close.


I am not a huge rap fan but I believe that it connects to something deep in the music/speech part of the brain. Good rap has rhythm, poetry, and social significance. Bad rap, in my opinion, is lacking one or more of those elements. A good song has all those plus melodic and harmonic dimensions.

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