Why is China only 2.3% Christian?


I have friends, a married couple who converted from Hinduism. The wife developed a chronic disease and in her faith system and society this was believed to be due to sins in a past life and she was rejected and scorned by people. Their conversion came about when a good friend who was a Charismatic Catholic and at that time was working installing windows in homes. He is very friendly and a good salesman and spent lots of time socializing with them while he working, and I think they bought Jesus right along with the windows!

Jokes aside, receiving Jesus freed our dear friend from her prison of rejection from her community. She was able to experience the love of God and know He loved her and had not rejected her and loved her exactly as she was, a dear child. She also developed a very deep devotion to Our Lady and did her husband. I think the amount of spirituality that permeates life in India means that people want a faith which is just as all embracing, a once a week on Sunday Christianity is not going to be attractive. Catholicism enables those who want to go to church every day to do that.


Communism requires complete alliegance to the state. Belief systems where the believer submits to an authority higher than the state is incompatible with Communist government and must be repressed.


What about North Korea?



The question can be, in spite of the Chinese Communist party doing their best to clamp down on Christianity, why are there Chinese who are Christian?

Being a Christian in China takes a lot more courage than being a Christian in the West. I have a lot of respect for Chinese Christians who stand to lose a lot more for being Christian than we here in the West.


There are many parts of the world where to be a Christian takes great courage, China is no exception and there are worse places than China.


You could just google this stuff. But the Chinese government has been burning Churches, burning crosses on Churches. And there’s over a million Muslims in China that are in a “re-education” camp. So, God only knows what the conditions are like in there.

Also, the Chinese government is the only government in the world today (to my knowledge) that wants to appoint its own Bishops, different from the Vatican. Not to mention that the state-sanctioned Catholic Church teaches that abortion is acceptable, along with a whole host of heresies that the state wants it to teach. There is an underground Catholic Church in China which is much more faithful, and loyal to the Pope ie: truly legitimate. So, there are many problems with religion in China. Most of it stems from the Communist regime there. If you know anything about North Korea, its like the repression in North Korea, except perhaps not as bad. I think China likes to keep North Korea because it makes their human rights violations look better by comparison. But they are still among the worst in the world.


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