Why is Christianity right and Islam wrong?

What makes Christianity more reasonable. Why is Islam wrong? What are the best arguments against Islam?

In general, Christianity (Catholicism more specifically) has much more historical evidence for it being the truth than islam does.

For arguments, check out answeringislam.com

The core doctrine of Islam, the thing from which it derives the best part of its strength and its success across so much of the world and of history, is actually correct. It is Monotheism. There is one God. That stark, terrific truth which is shared by the Jews, the Christians, and the wiser pagans has been taken up as the supreme creed of the Muslims. The second part of that creed, that Muhammad is his prophet, is a negligible inaccuracy by comparison.

One could look for unsavory verses of the Koran or episodes in Muslim history for reasons to reject Islam, but such an approach could just as easily be used against Christianity. Maybe we have good explanations for the hard passages of the Bible and the controversial episodes of Church history and they have bad explanations for their equivalent difficulties, but the whole approach is not one I would recommend.

Likewise one could analyze Islam as a bad copy of Christianity and Judaism, shot through with elements of Arab paganism, but again people make analogous claims about Christianity’s origins. The claims about Christianity may be false while those about Islam are true, but again this approach is unlikely to do anything in the end but confirm people in what they already believe.

The real difference is the whole story of Jesus Christ. God became man and offered Himself as the supreme sacrifice that bridges the infinite gulf between God and man. You will find nothing like this, nothing within a billion light-years of this, in any other religion, including Islam. Oh sure you could find superficial similarities with any purported prophet or hero including Mohammed. You could even find a vague mysticism among the less orthodox Muslims, such as the Alawis, saying that Muhammad and Ali were in some sense also Allah. But look for a real Incarnation and Redemption in Islam and you will be disappointed.

The crucifixion is historical and accepted among almost all scholars.

Also, the disciples of Jesus who “called themselves Muslims” became dominant according to the qur’an. This is also a historical inaccuracy.

There are plenty of examples, but today I’ll use those two.


This is really it - all other religions promise you power, enlightenment, riches, and reward. Islam especially so.

Our God suffered and died for us - turning an execution of one into redemption available to all. And for it… the promise He gave is nothing more that eternal life with Him. The God who would die for us - not a mighty conquering warrior, but a lamb.

This post right here, especially the bold.

This is absolutely correct. The Qur’an denies that Jesus Christ was crucified but it is a historical fact as testified by the apostles and early Christians.

…And non-Christian 1st century accounts.

Where or what was Islam at the time of Nicaea I?


Not yet born. Islam began later. It began as a Christian heresy.

Very interesting link. Thanks for this.

Well, if the Quran says it was made to look that way, it only makes common sense, that historically, that is exactly what you will find. History is mostly reports. If it there were reports otherwise, then, God didn’t make a good job of making it look that way.

I haven’t really come across any good arguments against Islam…

Do you then believe that God is deceitful? Are you saying that God did a good job at deceiving us? :shrug:

That is like saying God is unjust for the killing of innocent souls, when He drowned babies during Noah’s time, or any natural disaster for that matter.

A believer doesn’t view God in a negative way.

God made it look that way to save Jesus from a horrible death. So God is not a deceiver, no, God is a savior and the one who answer prayers.

And God knows best.

Who replaced Jesus on the Cross according to Qur’an? Name?


Negative way? What do you mean? God IS Love. Christianity,has ALWAYS taught this.


Who cares about who and his or her name, I don’t.

Just so you know, Jesus gave his life voluntarily for the life of the world. It was the sacrifice of His life that gives us life and He gave His life willingly out of the great love He has for us. I find it sad that non-Christians do not know a God capable of such incomprehensible love.

The entire reason that Christ became man was for this very purpose. If God our Father prevented Jesus from being crucified then he also prevented our salvation.

Reading comprehension is important.

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