Why is cross-dressing a sin?

I think it is a mortal sin too, but why?

I guess it could have to do with the cross-dresser wanting to change the est. physical order of God but not all cross-dressers want this yet all cross-dressing is a sin. So there must be something more, is there?

It implies homosexuality.

Cross-dressing can be a symptom of many issues…one of the most prevalent is identity. Who are we in Christ? We are sons and daughters of the Most High God. The identity of “son” or “daughter” is male or female. One of the many ways that gender identity is reflected is how we dress on a daily basis. When you have thoughts or desires to dress as the opposite gender it is a signal that something deeper is going on…an unresolved issue, trauma…or it could be acting out due to the numbness you feel b/c of not dealing with said trauma…or it could be the enemy trying to get you to deny your true heritage.

We are highly individual when it comes to the source…but the wonderful thing is that Jesus awaits us within the muck and mire. Find a Christ-centered counselor, place Christ as the King of your life…and strive for the healing He offers.

Someone responded once about cross-dressing saying “well Scottish men where kilts”…and “tribes in Africa have men who wear dresses” etc. First, the Scottish wear the kilts as tradition…a specific reason…it bolsters their masculinity and has a historic and cultural context. Per the African Tribe debate…whatever clothes they deem to wear still supports the societal and cultural standards of male and female.

In the end, it is all a symptom of something that needs healing…and that is wonderful since we have a God who is the ultimate healer:+):thumbsup:

So wait, cross dressing cannot always be a sin then? Like in acting or if you needed to infiltrate a brothel to save someone (just an extreme example) by dressing like a girl?

It may or may not be a sin.

If you are acting or infiltrating you are not cross-dressing. That is not what cross dressing means.
A cross dresser is a transvestite and that is an abomination to God.

Deut 22:5 "A woman shall not wear an article proper to a man, nor shall a man put on a woman’s dress; for anyone who does such things is an abomination to the LORD, your God.

Do you have a passage from the CCC that backs up that cross dressing is a mortal sin?

Personally no, I just read it on an examination of conscience.

I fail to see how wearing clothes can be considered sinful

What about sports jerseys? Go to a hockey game and you’ll see men and women wearing the same jersey.

Don’t those bagpipe players wear kilts?

I think it is a sin because it lies about ones sexuality.

So in cultures where wearing a short skirt is ok for men (actually considered a men’s dress), there is no immorality being committed. Culturally it is an accepted mans dress and therefore there is no confusion or lie.

But if a man dresses in a frock where I live (men do not wear frocks where I live), that is to lie about ones God given sexuality. That is a sin.

God Bless :slight_smile:

Wearing a kilt is not the same as cross-dressing. Cross-dressing is a rejection of your own sexual identity. A kilt is traditional male attire.However, if you’re dressing up for a costume party or an acting role, it’s rather a different case.

I do believe (although I may, of course be completely wrong) that gender disphoria is recognised as an illness by the Church to the extent that a person with ambiguous gender who was registered as and self-identified for many years as a male and had surgery to become apparently female was eventually admitted to a convent and lives as a nun with no issues whatsoever.

I seem to remember hearing that account from two different sources, although I can’t give any references.

So, to the extent that cross dressing is a symptom of a deeper malaise afflicting a person, then it may not necessarily be sinful.

As ever, for a sinful state to exist, it has to be a wilful act with the knowledge of the gravity of the matter, BUT that there may well be extenuating circumstances.

St Paul decries those who swap their natural state for that which is unnatural, but I’m pretty sure that had such advanced medical options as we have now been available, he wouldn’t have condemned those who did ‘cross dress’ because their expected outward appearances didn’t match the struggles they had with their inner condition.

I don’t think there are many natural and healthy men out there who feel it necessary to pass themselves off as women just because they can. There has to be a deeper reason.

It has nothing to do with homosexuality. Sexual orientation and gender identity are two completely different issues.

Disorders of gender identity are just that, disorders. DexUK has it pretty much spot-on.

DexUK said it was a disease, not a disorder. If it were a disease there might be reduced culpability. With a disorder that is not necessarily the case. For example, homosexuality is a disorder and gravely sinful (for practising homosexuals).

You might be interested in some of these earlier posts of mine.


Here is something on the controversy of using the terms Transgender with Transexual and Intersexed, which was pointed out to me from a former member of CAF:


Deut. 22:5 "This verse commands men and women not to reverse their secual roles. It is not a statement about clothing styles. Today role rejections are common, there are men who went to become women and women whe want to become men. It’s not the clothing style that offends God, but using the style to act out a different sex role. See God had a purpose in making us uniquely male and female.

Correct… and in the ancient days, when men and women could not obtain sex change operations, the only way ancient humans changed sex was by reversing their sexual roles. The only way for an ancient pagan man to be considered a woman was for him to have sex as a woman.

This article by Dennis Prager gives a good explanation of how gender and sexuality was viewed in the ancient world.

Judaism’s Sexual Revolution: Why Judaism Rejected Homosexuality


Women wear blue jeans, ties, suits, have short hair like men. They dress in mens style clothing. Are they sinning?
A man has long hair, wears a long dress like thing, ie something like a Muslim man would wear but nice. They dress in women style clothing. Are they sinning?

Its not what you wear that is a sin, its the intent behind you wearing it that is the sin.

A lot of men wear panty hose under their pants to keep warm. Its something a woman wears, are they sinning?

Some men dress feminine, are they sinning?

Sure back then they weren’t able to have sex changes so if a man dressed like a woman that meant he wanted to be a woman. Today we can have sex changes, if a man wants to be a woman today he can be a woman, but just because one dresses like a woman don’t mean he wants to be a woman. Some men just like how it feels.

Are these rhetorical questions, or are you disputing something I said? I thought I was supporting your position.

Do you mean how one dresses defines one’s sexuality? Thanks.

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