Why is divorce not an option for Christians?


In marriage, spouses leave their parents and unite with each other (Mark 10:7) to become one flesh (Gen.2: 24). Because, it is a covenant of love, and God is love (1 John4:8), it is God who seals the marriage covenant; and no one can separate what God has joined together (Matt 19:6). In divorce, therefore, this covenant is not broken; it is rejected. Therefore, remarriage after divorce is adultery (Luke 16:18). Furthermore, since God seals this covenant, divorce is rejection of God. God, therefore, hates divorce (Malachi 2:16) and is not pleased with the offerings of those who divorce their spouse (Malachi 2: 13-14). Jesus tells us that before making offering to God, we must reconcile with those with whom we have grievances (Matt. 5: 23-24). Therefore, a divorced person must first reconcile with his/her spouse before making an offering to the Lord. Furthermore, even if there is unfaithfulness a person must still stay faith to his/her spouse, just as God His faithful to us even when we reject Him (Hosea 3:1).

Divorce is absolutely prohibited in the Gospels (Mk 10:11-12, Luke 6:18; Matthew 5: 31-32). In Matthew’s gospel there appears to be an exception. The exception in the Greek text is porneia (which means incest or fornication), and not moiceia (which means adultery). In the Mosaic Law (Lv 18:6-18) certain types of marriages between close relatives were unlawful, because, they were regarded as incest (porneia). Certain rabbis, however, allowed gentile converts to Judaism to remain in such marriages. The exemption in Matthew’s gospel is against such permissiveness for gentile converts to Christianity. Fornication is another meaning for porneia. Therefore, this exception also applies to couples who fornicate by living together without a lawful marriage (also known as common law marriages).

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You seem to have explained everything well.


Pracically speaking for the 21st century-

The Catholic Church allows civil separation “from bed and board” as well as civil divorce for a variety of reasons, among them protection of an injured and/ or innocent spouse and to secure the welfare and rights of children.

The Church does not allow those divorced to remarry without a decree of nullity, also known as anullment. This means that while a wedding might have taken place, there was a flaw in the giving and exchanging of vows that nullified any attempt at marriage.

This does not effect the legtimacy of children.

The Church is not sola scriptura.

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Bishop Fulton Sheen once taught that Jesus Christ will never divorce Himself from His Church, and this is why a husband is not to divorce his wife, or visa versa.


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