Why is Easter celebrated 2 days after Good Friday?


Why is Easter celebrated 2 days after Good Friday? My daughter posed this question to me saying “shouldn’t Easter be on Monday?” I didn’t know how to answer her.:confused:


See Mathew 28 :slight_smile:


No, Jesus rose after 3 days.

Day 1 - Good Friday
Day 2 - Holy Saturday
Day 3 - Paschal sunday


“On the third day He rose again” not “He rose three days after His death” :slight_smile: Good Friday is the first day, Saturday the second and Easter Sunday the third day is when He rose again :thumbsup:


This forum is great! Thank you all for your replies.:slight_smile:


It has to do with the method of counting days in Jesus’ time as well - part of a day was counted as the whole, didn’t have to be a 24-hour period. So Friday afternoon-evening = one day, Saturday = one day, Sunday morning = one day.


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