Why is everyone Just talking about America

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you do know in the history of every nation, when you can’t find work or hate how your life is and its conditions you move somewhere else. So many people come to America but why doesn’t anyone talk about moving somewhere more stable,

is it because your educated to think nowhere is as good as America? i don’t understand…I watch half a hour of MSNBC, CNN, Fox and it sounds like brainwashing garbage. Why you don’t see people praying for other nations…i have seen at least 9 threads in 2 days with america only…pray for america, the world is ending because Obama is ruler, the end of all…you name it. Pray for America and god bless us. What about other nations, when much of Europe is in a pit…japan still rebuilding half its coast from many dead and a nuclear disaster…Syria is down the hole with many killed every day… isreal has its own issues, greece is done…yet I don’t see much of that. Honestly want to trade places with someone in Syria, or watch NHK and listen to a mom who said her disabled son born mentally Disabled and couldn’t walk drown in his wheelchair abc.net.au/lateline/content/2012/s3449251.htm

tell me , how do I be charitable in my words…stop thinking the center of the universe is mainland usa?

the documentry was picked up from a Japanese news channel so ignore the news group and watch the thing…it was a election! that is all, when something happens worry then

your post is a little confusing. What is your question exactly?
Many people on these forums are American, and we just went through a huge election, so of course that is what we are talking about.
Why don’t we pray for other nations? We do, we did this morning in church.
Why don’t we talk about moving somewhere more stable? Where would that be? You list some of the problems in other countries. The USA has a long tradition of being a country where someone can through education and hard work improve his lot and that of his children.
That’s still why many want to immigrate here.
I’ve considered moving to Canada, since I have relatives there and because the health care is less expensive, but am not at all sure about the over all culture.

why is this forum thinking its the end of the world in america when the rest of the world has huge issues, 1 guy got elected, even in four years it wont be the end of the country.

its like america, we have everything…including the tv channels you guys get, we don’t worship hockey. thats all :slight_smile:

Besides the huge majority of Americans on board, afterall most topics are about Catholics and not about Muslims for the same demographic reason, many believe it is not just four years. But that America is at the crossroads of being faith based like the so-called third world or global south and being secular or even hostile to faith like the already lost Europe.

Because of the election where we are told that those who want same sex marriage and abortion on demand, aided by Latinos won. And those folks are young enough to produce more people and the media and schools support their world view so the change is likely permanent.

The classic missionary tactic of building schools and hospitals will not work so a different way must be found to reach the relatively rich of America and Europe.

You don’t worship hockey :ehh:

Are you sure you are really Canadian and not simply an American posing as a Canadian? :hmmm:

I’m not from America but I think there is a very good reason why we should talk about America - if America goes down the tube then the whole western world goes down the tube.

Unfortunately there are a lot of people out there trying to destroy western culture and they vote for people like Obama.

Additional on the just four years comment. The President and his party in the Senate controls the Supreme Court appointments and the justices may let their political leanings color their retirement decisions and it is now likely that the court is gone for another two generations.

Mega :thumbsup:

A naturalized American citizen once told me that when America falls, there will be no place left to defect to. :nope:

Because Secular America has just voted her soul away on the ballot with barack hussein obama. I am not prejudiced, these are the facts. However, I am probably going to get some remarks, but, mark my words, America will see and regret the day they checked the “x” on the ballot for obama.

Very true.

America was, is, and remains important to the world, BECAUSE of the ideals we wrote into our Declaration of Independence and into our Constitution.

We are not perfect, but we have put those ideals into PRACTICE better than any country in the history of mankind.

We fought a Revolutionary War to gain our own self control for the reasons stated. We fought a Civil War because we knew the UNITED states would be so much better than DIVIDED states. Because we fought to remain UNITED in the 1860s, we were strong enough to build a great economy and strong enough to stand and win against forces of evil in WW I and WW II. The free world many people enjoy today would not be free, except for the strength of America.

Many understand this and seek to come here legally and illegally. Most folks just want work to provide for their families and to live in peace. Many also resent our freedom and economic strength and try to take us down. We are tolerant. To a point.

The last world DEPRESSION was in the 1930s. The last world war was in the 1940s. Perhaps more than 80% of Americans have never experienced those hard and fearful times. So it is hard for the young to see that a series of imprudent DECISIONS, both personal and political, can damage or even destroy the American Dream we have lived these past 70 years. Besides the need to be prudent too many forget we also need to be temperant. We are very close to another world wide depression, especially if America’s economy tanks as it seems to be iin real danger of doing, given what many of us see as imprudent and intemperant political decisions.

It is no longer politically correct to DISCUSS our proper relationship with GOD in the public square - which is now TV, mass media, and entertainment. When we loose sight of our FIRST and PRIMARY relationship - with God - we begin a slide which may be too hard to reverse.

So America remains important. We have to STAND and DEFEND our ideals HERE and not try to move elsewhere in hopes of finding some personal, selfish comfort.

When you chip out enough bricks, the walls falls. The roof collapses.

The more ANY government tries to control, the less freedom its citizens have.

The more a government tries to provides, the less likely we are to try to provide for ourselves.

And what return shall I give for all that is provided to me? More abortions? More pot? More unwed mothers? More wanton sex? More unpayable debt?

Or are we just trying to live off the hard work and sacrifice of prior generations?

Are we becoming a more honorable country, worthy of respect?

Sadly, I believe you are correct. One has only to delve into his background, even just a little scratch on the surface, and one will see why some of us are so afraid of what he will bring upon this country.

America is at a serious crossroads. While from Canada, what happens here can and will effect you whether you want to believe it or not. Since we are on shaky financial grounds, the choices coming up could lead up into a depression which again will affect the world. How Obama handles upcoming middle east and other foreign problems affects the world. It would be nice to want to hide behind a TV and watch hockey but this election was about more than another four years.

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