Why is fish

not considered meat during the prohibition at Lent?

The meat we don’t eat during the season of Lent on Fridays and Ash Wednesday is warm-blooded like beef, chicken, pork, etc. We eat fish because it is cold blooded (as is other seafood). I suppose you could eat reptiles too (but I wouldn’t.)

Anyway the significance of abstaining from the warm-blooded is that Jesus spilled His blood and he was warm - blooded.

You can also realize that the WB meats are a more desireable food versus fish. This really shows the true meaning behind Lent. The object is to understand going without, to understand where we need to grow, how do we prepare for Jesus? We do not suffer by going to the all-you-can eat lobsterfest at Red Lobster.

Hope this makes sense.


Oh, one more thing…Lent is the season that is paralleled by the 40 days Jesus was in the wilderness/desert before He started His ministry. It was a time of prayer, temptation, and distress. We too can realize all He went through during this time and through prayerful reflection we can join Him and receive help to get through our personal deserts as we try to become better, more productive members of the Body of Christ as His church.

Strictly speaking, Eastern Churches (Catholic and Orthodox) abstain from fish with backbones as well, not only during Lent, but other times of the year, including most Wednesdays and Fridays.

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