Why is gay marriage wrong, and is swearing a sin?

Why is gay marriage wrong?
Is swearing a sin?
I just don’t seem to understand where gay marriage effects you in any way so why is it so wrong for it to happen?

I don’t think swearing is a sin. However like smoking it is a bad habit.

It’s better off to not swear and it tends to get annoying when someone swears a lot.

As for your question on homosexual relations, there are some very good articles, forums, and tracts here:)

are you serious ?

Gay marriage deprives children of either a mom or a dad, and encourages a culture where moms (or dads) are disposable.

Since the other two questions are well covered in these forums, let me just reply about the faulty logic in your last question by asking you a question. If murder occurs in a neighborhood 12 miles from me, it does not effect me in any way, so why is it wrong for it to happen?

Swearing is a sin it is however likely to be venial not mortal unless you take the Lord’s name in vain then it is blasphemy which could be grave.

Try to avoid all swearing … It can be contagious.

It’s all in the bible … I have read it all but I will never be a theology expert, you have to read it yourself then if you still have questions ask God for understanding same with gay marriage , his Holy Spirit can teach us what is right and wrong.

If you still can’t work out the truth , then simple obedience to the catechis of CC on these subjects ie take it on faith alone, faith in the truth of the church authority as handed to St Peter all the way down to our present Pope Francis.

Square Circles don’t affect me in any way either because in reality there is no such thing. The two concepts of Homosexuality and Marriage are indeed mutually exclusive. Like the east is to the west…

Ps I can agree with poster above that I guess it’s the level of swearing if you say ‘oh dash it’ I doubt if that is sinful, hardly even a bad habit , so having thought some more It is wrong for me to say all are at least venal but some swearing can be insulting or degrading etc which could likely be sinful , and as I said blasphemy is much graver however if in doubt it can always be discussed in the confession box.

Before going on, tell me, what is your definition of marriage?

Yes, but that also depends on your definition of swearing. I stopped swearing a while ago and i feel much closer to God now.

I agree I have always found certain swear words offensive that others seem to not find offensive , perhaps that has made it easier for me than others to not swear and I feel closer to God for it so personally this is telling me something.

The other thing about swearing is the cause which can be sinful too, eg people sometimes swear out of anger towards another, the anger is not always justified,if it is swearing out of frustration another grey area , but like previous poster I know it helps me feel close to God in not swearing its part of trying to live more Holy.

The other thing is shining the light, what makes us different from a largely Unreligious society, if someone keeps swearing and you don’t join in it makes them quieter down too, and it’s a kind of silent way to evangelise…

From a Christian perspective, at least an orthodox one, it isn’t that gay marriage is wrong, its that it doesn’t exist. Scripture, starting in Genesis, describes marriage as the union of a man and a women. Christ, in the NT, further expounds on that.
So, to take the term marriage, and redefine it outside its historic intended meaning and usage is, I would say, outside the intention of God’s gift of marriage.
Further, in many states, before a pastor can legally perform a marriage, there must be a marriage license issued by the state. If the state redefines marriage to include same-gender couples, then the state is disrespectfully changing its meaning at least, and interfering with our religious liberty at most. So, it does impact us.

And simply making same-gender marriage illegal doesn’t solve the issue either. Recently, here in North Carolina, the United Church of Christ filed suit against the state law, which makes performing a same gender “marriage” illegal. The UCC performs same gender “marriages”. And while I would consider it at best a heterodox position, and one outside of scripture, they believe that it is appropriate within their faith tradition, and the state should have no say under the first amendment.

The best solution to the issue, ISTM, is for the state to extract itself from marriage altogether.


I have some rules on swearing for myself.

Don’t put God in front of any swear word.

Don’t say the f word unless you just nailed your finger

Don’t swear when wearing religious items (scapulars, crucifix, medals)

You can use other swear words, but don’t use them a lot it makes you sound like you have a low vocabulary.

Oh yeah don’t use foul language in front of the ladies

Men and women are different, and the union between them has entirely different results than a homosexual union. It’s a different thing.

It’d be like sticking two packets of yeast together and calling it bread, or heating up two pieces of sodium and calling the result table salt (sodium chloride). Just as it’s possible to get table salt only by combining sodium and chlorine, you can get a marriage only by combining a man and a woman.

Homosexuals are perfectly free to marry. The problem is that they don’t want a relationship with someone of the opposite sex.

When a decorated war hero comes home, we call him a Military Veteran.

If I start promoting people who have never served in the military to be called veterans some folks might object including you.

I could argue that nobody is harmed, so what’s the big deal?! Get over it dude and move on?! (EDITED) We get called every name in the book.

But then again, we can see that this title degrades and detracts from the real war hero. So we choose to protect him and his title. The issue with marriage has nothing to do with the gay folks. It is about protecting the married folks.

Why do people have such a problem about doing the same thing with marriage? Titles matter. They have evolved over time. Now people want to hold a vote to change their meaning just like that. That is politicizing something sacred and that has evolved over long times. Marriage is not a right. It is a responsibility. It is also a sacrament.

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When should we expect you to engage in dialogue regarding your question?


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