Why is Harry Potter hated by some Catholics for magic when lord of the rings has Gandalf who was a wizard?


I never said it is demonic. However, many kids, particularly those raised in the Church, can see it as an allegory of good vs. evil, and their power as kids to participate in this fight. Others, without such guidance, can get caught up in the magic aspect. It is the meaning the reader gives it in the context of his or her past experiences. It is therefore demonic to those who have experienced something of the demonic in their lives. Again, I am very analytical, and take a nuanced approach to nearly everything.


I said it includes actual occult terminology and occult history references, which with any use of google/ library books, a teenager could easily get information on and dabble in. Which is the concern of certain christians, and catholics, and which satanists have stated the HP series has resulted in an increased interest into actual ‘white magic’/ ‘black magic.’


Satanists are hardly reliable resources. Snopes has thoroughly debunked the claim that HP has prompted a rising interest in Satanism:

Also, several books of religious history include occult terms and occult history references. It does not make them dangerous or demonic.



Read ‘A History of Magic’ Anniversary edition, by JK Rowling about these references in the HP series, JK Rowling admits to using occult historical references and occult terminology as a literary use.

Because the series includes actual occult terminology and occult history references, any use of google/ library books, a teenager could easily get information on these techniques and dabble in the occult.


So do history books.

And encyclopedias.

And dictionaries.


Encyclopedias, history books, and dictionaries don’t actively promote the occult as something good, harmless, innocent, or that can be used for doing good.


Harry Potter is lame.


This is such a silly argument.

These are fictional books. Any references occur alongside descriptions of flying on broomsticks, talking paintings, and unicorns.

Instead of worrying about protecting your children from these dastardly references to the occult, why not just concentrate on teaching them the difference between fiction and reality?


The book may be fictional, but the occult is real, and references to Divination, consulting the dead, use of curses/ hexes, astrology, are all actual occult methods used by satanists. Neither can the occult / satanism be used for ‘good.’

Jesus was an expert storyteller, and never once used references to occult methods as a literary device.

Just that I agree with certain christians and catholics who have a concern about this terminology used as a literary device in this series.


Zachary King is reported to be a convert to the Catholic Church from Satanism. He had experienced things other-worldly so to speak by his past experiences & spoke from that perspective on the matter.


What do you mean by references? :rose::bouquet::blush:
By references do you mean like a character performing divination?


It makes more sense to read the Silmarillon first before the LOTR since the Silmarillon essentially lays down the foundation of Tolkien’s world building.


You mean Satanists use Harry Potter books as a how to manual?

If the occult was real as you claim, the Harry Potter books do a bad job of documenting it.


The HP books are not about Satanism, if there was ever such a thing.


Rowling admits to using references from classical myth and medieval folklore etc. Hardly surprising as she holds a degree which focused on Classics to a large extent. By this logic you had best throw out Tolkien and Lewis’s work as well as Gandalf is based in part on on Odin. Can you please cite some of this actual ‘occult terminology’. I’m going to ask you to prove such a claim by referencing examples of this occurring in the book


True, but I read the LOTR first at around age 6 or so when my dad couldn’t be bothered with it after giving it a go. Also for many years after the LOTR was published the Silmarillion did not exist and arguments about the way it was edited prior to publication after Tolkien’s death get pretty fierce.


I call bull on most of Zachary King’s nonsense having watched him talk. He doesn’t half talk some tripe was my over-riding feeling listening to him.


Well that’s Tolkien, Lewis, TH White and half a dozen other similar writers up the creek then without a paddle…


Do you know how much Norse myth was underpinning the LOTR and was influencing Tolkien’s creation of Middle-Earth?


These are the references in the book:

The mythological texts you mention do not use of the Occult.
Name any of Tolkien’s good characters who used occult methods for Good?


It depends what you mean by ‘occult’. Since you haven’t pinned down such a numinous term you are really offering up a false choice here. Have you read Norse mythology in depth, I assure you the use of curses is all over the place in it. As are references to speaking with the dead, visions of Hel etc. etc.

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