Why is Harry Potter hated by some Catholics for magic when lord of the rings has Gandalf who was a wizard?


Oh my gosh! So cute!!! Haha. I was a voracious reader as a kid. Could finish a book in a day. Now I struggle to read a SENTENCE in a day. LOL


So does the Bible.

Now if you want to read something sensational, one of the articles above featured a Jack Chick comic. I cannot imagine anyone researching him would fail to see just far off the rails one travels when riding the Chick train.


With all due respect, this topic has been done many, many times over the years. I think it’s time to put this “Harry Potter” thing to bed.

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The wizards of Harry Potter were born with their magical abilities and not acquired through illicit or sinful means.


That’s a good point. And muggles (regular humans) cannot use magic at all.


Really? I think some of us were having a very good discussion in this thread. I saw no hostility or attacks but because you personally are bored of it you want it gone?


It still does however promote magic and encourages kids to get into magic and eventually they will also attempt to acquire magical powers like in Harry Potter, except through sinful or satanic means.


Not if they know the difference between fantasy and reality. If they don’t, their parents shouldn’t allow them thread fiction until they teach them the difference.


That would be the best course of action.


Source for this? I know many children who’ve read this series, even grown up on it, none sought out magic. They all, for some strange reason, realized it was just make believe.


Exactly. Kids who attempt to acquire magical powers in real life have other issues going on beyond just the books they read…


Arrrrrgh! Just saw this pre-order advertised at audible dot com

“…reveals some of the hidden stories behind real-world magic…”

I, on the other hand, prefer what I recall as part of the USCCB movie reveiew/statement when the film came out – Essentially, they said :point_right: It’s F-I-C-T-I-O-N :point_left:



I got a page or three into the Morgoth’s Ring version before giving up on it. By contrast I loved the trilogy and The Hobbit. And I would never recommend reading the Silmarillion first becaise you have to already love the world to read it. (At least in most cases.)

As for the magic in Harry Potter, Here’s a good source for those wondering if people have tried making the spells of Harry Potter (and DnD) work with disastrous effects.



I agree with you. I highly doubt that unless someone has a love for Tolkien and the LOTR they could make it through the Silmarillion.

Of course there are always exceptions.

But even I struggle to get through the Silmarillion and I LOVE LOTR and never find it boring. The Silmarillion often puts me to sleep even though I want to know the stories.

I would never recommend anyone read it first. That’s like recommending someone reads Narnia in chronological order instead of publication order. Just wrong.


Did you not understand my ‘source’ was satire?


I have the opposite problem.

Loved, loved the Silmarillon but can barely tolerate the LOTR. I liked the Hobbit but loved the Silmarillon, especially the story of the Fall of Gondolin.

I was not quite into Middle Earth until I read the Silmarillon. I read The Hobbit and the LOTR before I read the Silmarillon but they didn’t fire up my imagination quite like the Silmarillon.


Nope. I’m very sleep deprived at the moment…sorry! In my defense, there are plenty around here who believe this stuff…


Fair enough and no offense taken. (To be honest, it’s given me some humor today.)

I have a post where I quoted your whole post in the moderation que (I don’t know why). So if that shows up later, that’s the reason,


Haha, there you go! There’s always an exception! We’re all just wired differently.

That’s cool that you liked it and it drew you into Middle Earth. I really like the Creation account in the beginning, but towards the middle I seem to get distracted. I really want to finish it one day.


Well, I read it in chronological order for the most part. The Lion, The Witch, and The Warddrobe I read first off a third grade bookshelf. But then my parents bought the book series and I read them going forward from there I want to say. (Though there’s a chance I might have went to 3 then 4 all up to 7 and back.)

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