Why is it better to be Catholic?


That’s actually funny.

But still check it out!


Do you have a work in mind in particular?


Yes, it is the church that Jesus Himself founded. When He told Simon his name’s was now Peter and upon this rock He was going to build His church, He did and He did then not get things started some 1500 years later. The CC is our Lord’s church!


Not according to the Eastern Orthodox Church. The original creed said that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father. Currently, the teaching in the Roman Catholic Church is that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father and from the Son, but the Eastern Orthodox maintain the original teaching that the Holy Spirit proceeds from the Father.


His lecture is based on making the case that Eusebius had enough information to write his book Church History. Eusebius cites that Linus was the first Bishop after Peter and Paul. That is different from what Marshner shared in his lecture. I haven’t seen anywhere in Eusebius’ 4th century book on the history of the Christian Church that it is claimed that Rome held a primacy over the other churches anyway. So making the case that Eusebius had accurate information - although he actually had conflicting information - that doesn’t even lead to a Papacy anyway - I am not sure where he was going with all of it.


I love Fr. Riccardo!!!


Semantics. Are the Father and the Son One?


From Augustine? Well all of it.
It is a great read for any Christian!


I find the Catholic faith - much more peaceful. More real.

Its more structured. Offers wide range of saints - and their stories.
Catholic books - without question - far exceed other writings from other various faiths.


Someone correct me if I’m wrong but I was under the impression this issue had been patched up at the theological level. That is to say, I think theologians on both sides have agreed it’s a situation where we’re saying the same thing, just using different language. Again, correct that impression if you know better than I.


Well said.


Nothing wrong with further clairifying doctrine. Besides, our track record is still great even if stuff needs to be further clairified later.

Got any more? Start a new thread and tag me to it, we already disrailed this one


It does. And there’s a lot of trapped Protestants there who need your prayers!


If I only had one dollar for every time someone claimed to have read Augustine’s selected quotes as published by protestants on the internet. But I would much rather see Augustine read.


As I suggested in my opening post, lots of people have highly subjective reasons for wanting to be Catholic. Your reason is very common, but since you have no way of objectively knowing that Jesus made a pope out of Peter, or that Jesus thought that one man (besides Himself) should be the head of His church on earth, it is highly subjective…even purely speculative for you to take all of this as factual data. I doubt that anyone who hadn’t heard what the CC teaching is (Matthew chapter 16) would ever think of a “papal office”.


I doubt anyone could have put together the doctrine of the Trinity, either, but we both share it. To suggest Catholicism lacks sufficient “objective” evidence is to make the exact same claim for any other denomination.


This is from a non-catholic…https://thejaggedword.com/2014/04/29/protestants-need-the-pope/

We do. We really, really do. We Protestants need the papacy. We need it for our theology. We need it for our politics. We need it more than we want to admit.

And this is a good thing. (Yeah, I said it Rev. Hess, the papacy is a good thing!) For those Lutherans and other Protestants who think Pope Francis, Pope Benedict XVI, and Saints John Paul II and John XXIII are the antichrist, you should probably stop reading this post right now, bec

The Bishop of Rome, more than any other office, has the authority to speak the truths of the faith to a world that denies the saving grace of the Lord Jesus and among a fractured church that becomes even more divided and more confused about its theology as each generation passes…I wonder why we no longer realize this value and make our theological claims not against the papacy, but as a movement that exists in support of and alongside this Bishop.


I would love to discuss his works with you but it has been a while since I read them.

For now I would google them and then go through the effort to see if that poster or publisher is a Protestant or Catholic or whatever.

Then we can check to see if it gets to being a biased publishing and maybe then I will give you that Dollar :slight_smile:


At least from your Catholic view “us” Protestants are “a lot” in there and those WILL have salvation… eventually.

I do not mean this in a bad way. It is way better than what I have seen on here.


This doesn’t even make any sense. If we (protestants) need the papacy, we could just stop being protestant and start being Catholic. It’s not rocket science. The real question is, did Jesus think that we need a papacy? If so, why didn’t He say something about that.

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