Why is it better to be Catholic?


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I didn’t claim that my reason for trusting in Scripture is based on objective knowledge. You trust in the Traditions of the authorities in Rome, while I trust in the bible.

If you really come to think of it…you also view and interpret the Bible…by the tradition you learned from your protestant congregation.The Bible does not teach on its own…it needsa voice.

‘Tradition’ becomes whatever one agrees with in the history of the Church, such as the Nicene Creed or Chalcedonian Christology…What makes it ‘authoritative’ for Mohler is that it agrees with his interpretation of Scripture. If he encounters something in the tradition that seems extra-biblical or opposed to Scripture he rejects it. For that reason, [COLOR=“Blue”]tradition does not authoritatively guide his interpretation. His interpretation picks out what counts as tradition, and then this tradition informs his interpretation.[/COLOR]

My opening post was not a denial of my own presuppositions regarding my ultimate authority. My church isn’t infallible… period!

So…when the Holy Spirit guides…mistakes or errors can still occur?

I believe that Scripture is infallible,

Correction here…infallibility refers to actions…not Scriptures. Scripture is inerrant, not infallible.

and that the Holy Spirit is willing and able to guide His people to understand God’s word.

Can you provide chapter and verse for this one…where the HS guides the people to understand God’s word?


But who determines what is in conflict and what is not?


When you own a Harley, who wants to ride a tricycle?


Too bad for the RCC. They haven’t always gotten it right. And what’s really funny is that those who go out of their way to defend Islam and Martin Luther will be angry at me for saying so. More to the point:

All you need to do to know that is read what the USCCB says about half the issues it talks about. :joy::rofl::sparkler:


I hope I don’t stop learning about my Faith until I stop breathing and I’m a cradle to grave–womb to tomb Catholic.


If you look at history, the Orthodox breakaways were just plain angry about a lot of things. The Muslims just wanted economic convenience for Arab tribes and the Protestants are running on fumes from an appeal to authority that atheists enjoy picking apart.

Atheists loft themselves on their skepticism, until it comes to inconvenient things like gay “marriage” or climate change. Then they’re just as bad as the SJW feminists, who are now their own religion.

Last but not least there is Judaism. The Jews may have been the Chosen People of God, but many of them were more interested in crumbs from the table of Rome than following God.

Pretty much any other major world religion other than the Catholic Church is now based mostly on personal selfishness, which is the arcane weapon of Satan himself.


People who want the safe, cool easy route.

Example 1: Defending Islam

Example 2: Defending Martin Luther (you won’t hear them talk about good’l Henry VII for OBVIOUS reasons)

Example 3: Defending universalism


Yes, the guidance of the Holy Spirit is only available to those people who God chooses, and only at His timing.

The protestants churches disagree mostly over minor details, such as infant baptism, the degree of freedom of the will (in fallen sinners), predestination, the sequence of events leading to the return of Christ, etc. This doesn’t mean that the Holy Spirit leads people into error. It is, however, strong evidence that God is willing to save people who disagree on lots of small stuff.

The Holy Spirit guides both the individual and the church. By guiding many (but not all) of the individuals within the church, he guides the whole church.


Does the Bible list which practices are minor and which are not? Did Jesus differentiate between important and less important teaching? How do you know baptism is a minor detail?


This is exactly the same attitude that often made Jesus feel sickened by the Pharisees. They lorded their religious traditions and their law over the commoners. They looked down on those who didn’t treat them (the Pharisees) with the high honor they felt they deserved. But the Jesus that I’ve come to know and love treats the lowest of criminals with compassion and respect! So I will humbly serve Him, and leave the infallible tradition stuff to better men (and women) than myself.


[quote=I’m curious about why so many people here seem convinced that the Catholic Church is a much better choice than any protestant church. I realize that these kinds of choices can be (for lots of people) mostly subjective, but is there an objectively good reason to choose the Catholic Church over any of the various protestant churches?[/quote]

It a WORD: because even GOD can have only One True set of Faith beliefs which He as GOD; would not have; could not have and DID NOT wait some 1,500 years for the Protestant Reformation to make know to His Humanity [Gen 1:26-27}.

The Bible is a Catholic Book assembled {OT] and fully authored [NT} BY Catholics and originally for Catholics who could not have foreseen the Great Eastern Schism of 1064 Ad, not the 16th Century Protestant revolution.

There is room for old faction LOGIC in the OP’s Question.

Easter Blessings,


I’m with RKS89. I can’t say I’ve ever heard other Protestants - when they do talk about other Protestants (yes, that brought a chuckle) - say they disagree on “minor details”.

Putting a Fundamentalist Free Will Baptist and a Presbyterian in the same room is like watching an air conditioner and a humidifier battle for supremacy.

I don’t think either faith, to be fair, sees its tenets as something that should be seen as a minor detail by anyone else. And really, nor should it. Those are the tenets by which it defines itself.


Recorded history proves that The Catholic Church was early Christianity. When you read the ECFS you do not get protestant theology. You get Catholic Theology. I find it very interesting that all those claiming that The Catholic Church is like the pharisees do not see the plank in their own eye. For all its sins, how arrogant is it to claim to know better than The Church God gave us The Bible through? How arrogant to say that all the ECFS got it wrong until the 1500’s?


By “minor” I was referring to doctrines that have no bearing on one’s salvation. You might think that being baptized is necessary for your salvation but the bible states in various places that we are saved by grace, through faith, and “not by our works.” The reason why boasting is “excluded” in our salvation is because no one has done, or could do, anything to save himself/herself from hell. If we are not saved by our own works, then it would be odd to think that we could be saved by our parents (or any other person’s) works in causing us to be baptized.


Jesus was sickened by hypocrisy and arrogance, not tradition. He even said they hold the seat of Moses. He did not abolish tradition, just the attitude that tradition supersedes mercy, charity, and humility.


I must respectfully disagree. You are forgetting what the Pharisees were so proud of. They were proud of their religious traditions, their authority, and their knowledge of history. Why do you think that Jesus was sickened by these “authorities”? I’ll give you a little hint: they were not living by faith.


Pride is the problem, not tradition. You literally said that. “They were proud.”

The father of John the Baptist practiced tradition (as a priest). Jesus said to respect the seat of Moses - imagine that, God Incarnate telling people to respect the seat of a mere mortal, a tradition passed down from parting of the Red Sea to the Roman occupation. Jesus celebrated the Passover feast at the age of 12. Jesus celebrated the Passover feast 21 years later at the Last Supper. Imagine that. Tradition of His ancestors.

How terrible. They should’ve lived the “faith” but instead they practiced “tradition”.


So when St Peter says “Baptism now saves you”, and you say “Baptism does not save you”, which one am I going to believe through faith?


What specifically, in your opinion, caused the Pharisees to become so arrogant and hypocritical?


If I am guilty of gluttony or drunkenness, I cannot blame food or alcohol. The cause for all sins is selfish will.

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