Why is it important to understand God for who he is?

Not whom we want Him to be. I read an interesting article on how people water down the Gospel or forget to apply to the most important person, themselves. I understand we have the concept of venial and mortal sin. Who decides what make someone a good or bad person? If there is one Christian God, why are people always arguing over how God would see this issue or that one?

Well, all final judgement rests with God.

If a person wants to find out the state of their soul, I suggest consulting a priest and going to Confession.

But to answer the question, it’s important to know God because when you know someone you can have a better relationship with Him. :thumbsup:

It is considerably more important to know yourself for who you are. Ask a priest.

People inevitably see God through their own mind with its limitations and based on their own life experiences. If, for instance, a child is raised by an overly stern and emotionally shallow father it is much harder for them to picture our heavenly Father as loving, caring and merciful.

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