Why is it not a sin to get your dog fixed?

Why is it a sin for a human to get a vasectomy/get tubes tied. But when a dog gets fixed it isn’t a sin?

Also why is it a sin for humans to do homosexual activity. But when animals do it, it isn’t a sin, what makes them different then us, it makes no sense to me. I read some articles on it, but still doesn’t make complete sense, hope you can help.

Animals don’t have free will or reason. Therefore, they cannot know nor be bound by the divine law, and additionally, they do not have the dignity of a human being in being made in the image and likeness of God.

Because of this, animals can’t sin.

The issue of “fixing”, or spaying/neutering: The sexual faculties are different from those of an animal, because of one key point: humans procreate with God in bringing a new, immortal being into existence, whereas animals merely reproduce offspring.

This is a massive distinction. It means that human sexual acts are actually sacred, and therefore we humans have obligations to use them (or not use them) in a way befitting the dignity of human sexuality. Also, the human marital act is ordered towards both procreation with God and unification between the spouses, and so it is immoral for humans to artificially obstruct either of these ends of the marital act.

There are no such restrictions on animals, however, because they do not procreate, and so it is not a sin for us to neuter/spay them.

You can get a pet fixed, but not a human, because humans have more self control. In a human-centric environment, animals who we keep as pets could easily overbreed. I think that humans also overbreed, but it is a human-centric world for the most part (unless you look at insects and bacteria, both of which greatly outnumber us.) Humans are supposed to exercise self control.

Homosexuality, same thing. I don’t know how I feel about homosexuality being a sin, but what other people do is not my concern if it doesn’t hurt me nor my family. It’s between them and God. If it is a sin, as the church teaches (and I default to church teachings when I don’t know, and generally even when I think that I know better) then it is because humans are supposed to control our sexual drives, whereas other animals were not given a mind capable of doing such.

They are animals and we aren’t. They don’t really live by the same morals as we do, at all. They kill, sleep around, heck most animals kick their young out very early in life. They do tons of things differently than we do.

When you see a male dog hump another male dog, they are establishing dominance, not “making love.”

Comparing humans and beasts are like comparing apples and oranges.

When a dog gets fixed, he isn’t making the decision for himself. Animals act on instinct alone, but mankind has the use of intellect, reason, and will. Animals do not.

A person could deny themselves food in order to make a political statement or some other reason even to the point of death. An animal would never do such a thing.

Man can know that the primary purpose of sex is to procreate. Animals do not have the intellect to understand sex, they just have the impulse to act on the instinct and sex drive.

Because of the intellect of the human person, we can know that sex is primarily for procreation, and secondarily for unification of two persons with the possibility to form the core of a family if they have children. Therefore any sexual act in which it is anatomically impossible for procreation invalidates what we know by reason what sex is for. You could say that this is using the sexual organs in a manner which we know only fulfills the secondary purpose not the primary. It’s a misuse of the body. It would be kind of like having a meal with friends, chewing the food, but never actually swallowing the food. Thus the primary purpose of eating (nourishment of the body), is never fulfilled in the act of eating a meal with friends. It defeats the purpose.

Comparing humans to animals to justify behavior devalues all of humanity. Animals commit rape, but we know that that is wrong and we could never justify a person commiting rape because man is more than any animal. We have intellect, the ability to love, and the will to deny ourselves for a greater good.

Animals kill each other too…

Persons are very different than animals.

Do you really not know what makes animals and man different? God tells us in Genesis.

Man is made in the image and likeness of God. Animals are not.
We have a spiritual soul that is eternal. Animals do not.
We have intellect and will. Animals do not.

Only human beings can give themselves matrimonially, and only human beings can procreate someone who can finally aspire to Life Everlasting.

Those are what the human sexual functions are for. To defeat them is a misuse of the bodies that has an eternal result.

Animal reproduction has no such eternal value, so as stewards of the animals, we have the prerogative to control it for the general wellbeing.


It’s also for the wellbeing of the animal. Without it, they run away to “get laid”, and end up either stray or hit by a car.

Yeah get hit by a car that man invented!

I bet if animals had a choice they would not want to be castrated. But I do agree that pets like cats and dogs have to be “fixed” because there are far to many irresponsible humans that over breed pets for their own means, causing alot of animals needless suffering.

You do the Amish thing? You know, horse and buggy? Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

Yet apples and oranges are both fruit.

Your point?

Dogs and humans are both mammals. Yet, I don’t pee on trees, hump to show dominance, don’t have sex in the middle of a field (freaking out children in the neighborhood), I don’t eat my puke or eat cat poo out of the litter box. You want me to continue?

Because dogs are animals and domestic pets. Their souls are not immortal and they are not bound by laws of reason. The same reason why a wolf can kill another wolf in the wild…

God made us stewards for the animals, the plants, and the earth. All these things don’t have free will.

He did not make us stewards of people or of our own bodies; we do not harvest people to eat, or chop off a finger when it gets ripe, or put out a trough for our kids. We are in a different category of existence.

If domestic animals had a mind capable of making such a choice, the issue would not exist.

The fact is, that the urban human orbit is such a positive environment for them, that it is part of our duty to ensure they do not overpopulate.


Maybe dogs have an immortal soul as well. As Martin Luther said to his dog, "Be thou comforted, little dog, Thou too in Resurrection shall have a little golden tail” :wink:

The keyword is maybe.

Our LORD, His Church, and Scripture has left that an open question.

In the meantime, we remain stewards of the animal world.


How about fleas and mosquitoes?

Is it just the animals you find cute that will be “saved”:rolleyes:

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