Why is it scary that some people have enormous amounts of self-confidence?

Let’s explore this.

The only sort of self-confidence anyone should be scared by is unfounded or misplaced self confidence.

As an example - Muhammad Ali was extremely boastful, but he was also a brilliantly gifted boxer whose success in the ring spoke every bit as loudly as his mouth ever did. These days every boxer talks like Ali did but few if any can box like him.

And it’s the same with just about every other field of endeavor. So many people these days whose mouths write checks that their abilities have no hope of cashing. That is what is scary.

Thanks fo the response. How about someone whos got more self-confidence than can be dreamt of in philosophy? I mean, the ones who have an unwavering certainty that they’re right.

What you are talking about there is not self-confidence, it’s belief.

Barack Obama comes to mind. Talk about “unfounded or misplaced self confidence” – and look where it’s gotten us. Very scary indeed.

Why is it scary that some people have enormous amounts of self-confidence?

Thinking it over there is something to be frightening about an enormous amount of self-confidence. I personally feel being so self-confident is in a sense pride and in all fields it is dangerous to be so narcissistic; whether this belief is in line with the Church I’m not sure. Some examples, if you’re a General in the midst of a battle and follow your own tactics instead of listening to your fellow leaders you could endanger thousands of lives out of your own stubborn pride. People of this sort also seem to look down at their fellow man, believing themselves to be morally superior than others and even talking down to people.

Human self-righteousness is a plight of us all, IMO, directly related to the fall. Even the humblest can use more humility. But the reason that the most self-confident are scary is because self-confidence/self-righteousness is a necessary precursor to the greatest evils committed in the world. This doesn’t mean that these things can’t also be a force for good but self-confidence alone, without wisdom and love, can be dangerous. Every wrong done is committed by someone believing, in some perverted manner, that they’re doing right. Every wrong done is the result of man employing a righteousness of his own rather than the “righteousness of God”, as scripture refers to the justice God desires man to return to.

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