Why is it so controversial for Pope Francis to have a voice?

Why is it so controversial for Pope Francis to have a voice? I understand Pope Francis is a religious leader and many think he should not have a voice in politics. But, he is human and a representative of Christ. I don’t see how his statements are threatening to any denomination. He called for a day of prayer, he spoke out against the violence in America, and he has voiced concerns about pollution and global warming. I understand some think it is threatening and strange that many of the world leaders are listening to his recommendations. But, if we come to peace due to his influence could it be a bad thing? Many, especially in America, have a prejudice against the Catholic Church but Catholicism is still active world wide. The Pope is still split world wide between being viewed as a threat or false teacher and being viewed as a man of peace. So standing back I can see how some may take his stance and views as possibly threatening I suppose. But, I really have to say I commend him for using his position to try and bring some kind of peace in the chaos. Now I have not heard every statement he has made so yes I suppose there could be some that are taboo.

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