Why is it taking so long to abolish abortion?

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ. I believe that the souls which were seen by St John under an altar (Rev 6:9-11) are members of God’s elect that have been killed by feticide or infanticide. That’s because they are given robes that are already white, instead of washing their existing robes white in the blood of the Lamb, as the saints before the throne did (Rev 7:7-14). This would mean that the souls under the altar were killed before they were old enough to sin. I pray for these souls, because the text says they must “rest” (ie. they must stay where they are) until their number is fulfilled, and that won’t happen until we abolish the manner in which they are being killed. So, by praying for them, we are asking God why it is taking so long to abolish human feticide and how we go about getting it abolished.

Here is the answer I’m getting. We live under the “innocent until PROVEN guilty” precept, and we have been trying to PROVE the wrong thing. We have been trying to prove that human life begins at fertilization even though we are only able to prove that human life begins no later than implantation. I used to think the DNA data was proof that human life begins at fertilization. But if that were the case, then why are half of catholics still pro choice? The only thing that gives legs to their position is the idea that we CANNOT prove that human life begins before abortions are done. But if we go about it the right way, then we CAN prove that human life begins before abortions are done. The best way to prove that human life begins before abortions are done is to prove that human life begins no later than implantation.

It is incredibly easy for us to do this. All we have to do is to think about why we have a belly button. It’s because our mother used to give us oxygen and food thru our belly. She did this from the moment our body became attached to hers (implantation) until the moment our body became detached from hers (birth). Our body is conceived at fertilization, but it does not start getting oxygen unless and until it can get it from the mother’s bloodstream by implanting in her womb. That can happen about a week after fertilization. The problem with us trying to prove that life begins at fertilization is that we have to prove that a person can survive without oxygen for 7 days. Also, it causes both positions (pro life and pro choice) to overlook the significance of implantation. But once we understand the purpose of implantation, we will understand that nobody with a belly button has a right to kill anybody who is getting oxygen and food through the belly.

Consider the Lord’s body. He was continuously getting oxygen from the time His miraculously conceived body successfully implanted in Mary’s womb until the time He died. Then, 3 days later, His body miraculously started getting oxygen again and has been continuously getting oxygen ever since. Also, consider Adam’s body. He became a living soul when the breath of life was breathed into his NOSTRILS (Gen 2:7). It had to be his nostrils rather than his belly, because he came from the ground rather than the woman. With us, we start off getting oxygen from the oxygen that God is giving our mother through her nostrils.

Please do not think this would loosen church teachings. Even if human life begins at implantation, it would still be a mortal sin for married couples to use birth control. That’s because, in marriage, it is GOD who joins the two cells (sperm and ovum) into one cell (zygote). If God joins the two flesh into one flesh, then He also joins the two cells into one cell; and man must not cause it to dissolve by taking a birth control pill. So, even if it is not a murder, it is still a mortal sin. Also, we don’t have to prove that life begins AT implantation, only that life begins NO LATER THAN implantation. I’m convinced that human feticide will not be abolished until we start doing that, or the Lord comes again, whatever happens first.

If you have not asked God why it’s taking so long to abolish abortion, then I think this year’s feast of the immaculate conception would be a good day to start asking, because I think it’s something that our Blessed Mother is praying for us to know. If you disagree with the answer that I just shared, then please pray for the answer and share it; because I don’t care who gets the answer. The only thing I care about is that somebody gets the answer, and I believe it will be someone who says the rosary and is a member of the church that our Blessed Lord has built, is building, and always will be building until He comes again. Thank you and God bless you.

Because so far we have failed to make the women of America (and by extension, the West in general) that what the abortion is doing is killing children.

The abortion war will not be won in the legislatures, in the courtrooms, or in the churches. It will be won when WOMEN are made to realize that these are children who are being killed. Once that happens, there won’t an abortionist alive who will own up to it.

I do not think that your analysis addresses the real issue. The problem is not the focus on life starting at fertilization instead of at implantation. The problem is that we have a very secularized population which views the inconvenience of pregnancy as being more important than any right of the fetus to be carried in the mother’s womb to term.

A huge portion of the population does not look at abortion as murder; it looks at abortion as “no big deal,” just another form of birth control. And for most of the population, including many Catholics, birth control is not a sin. Only those crazy Catholics who take the teachings of the Church seriously think birth control is a sin; the rest of the population thinks it is wonderful.

So, really we need a major scientific body to announce an unborn baby is as much of a person as a 2 yr old toddler? Doesnt seem like that should be that big of a hurdle, after all, people do tend to accept what modern day experts say about other things, why would this be any different?

I find it disturbing that authorities are on both sides of the fence, they will take the side of whatever benefits them at a given time, example, if a person kills a pregnant lady, everyone is horrified by it, cops go to great lengths to catch the person, communities get involved as well, when they do catch him, they charge him with 2 counts of murder, one for the unborn baby…so this proves our Govt considers an unborn baby, a REAL PERSON…yet when it comes to abortion clinics, killing the exact same unborn baby is OK…?

So, it seems, whether or not its a person, depends on the situation…which makes no sense.

And thus the falling away that Saint Paul prophesied. Even the Protestants are on board with birth control and abortion. Christ’s Church will prevail.

Because abortion has become a political issue and the masses are neck-deep in special interests and in too many cases are uneducated about voting and policy or they make lame excuses.

Made me think of EstesBob’s list:


  1. National Republicans aren’t “really” pro-life, so it’s okay if I vote for the virulently pro-abortion party.
  2. Specific candidate isn’t “really” pro-life, or I don’t believe his supposed change of belief, so it’s okay if I vote for the virulently pro-abortion party.
  3. My deacon/priest/bishop/cardinal told me or wrote me a letter telling me it was okay to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  4. I’m not a one-issue voter, so I can ignore the Church’s teaching and vote for the virulently pro-abortion politician.
  5. Republicans (at any level) have not passed enough pro-life laws (as decided by me), so I can vote for the political party that is virulently pro-abortion.
  6. Republicans (at any level) have not had enough success on pro-life issues (as decided by me), so I can vote for the political party that is virulently pro-abortion.
  7. Roe vs. Wade is still the law of the land even though most Supreme Court justices were appointed by the Republicans, therefore Republicans aren’t serious about abortion, so I can vote for the political party that is virulently pro-abortion.
  8. I found a Church document that mentioned proportionate reasons in voting, so I personally judged support for a higher minimum wage (or other social justice cause) was on equal footing with abortion, and I can vote for the political party that is virulently pro-abortion.
  9. I personally believe that Democratic policies will reduce abortions, so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  10. We can’t do anything about abortion until we change the hearts and minds of the people, so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  11. You can’t legislate morality, so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  12. People will still have abortions even if you make them illegal, so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  13. We can’t end abortion until we address the root causes, so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  14. I can’t impose my beliefs on other people, so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician.
  15. There isn’t any difference between the parties, so it is okay for me to vote for the virulently pro-abortion party.
  16. The Pro-Life movement is in the tank for the Republican party (even though all pro-life legislation has had the overwhelming support of Republicans and overwhelming opposition from Democrats), so it’s okay for me to vote for the virulently pro-abortion party
  17. All people sin, so we’re all really “Cafeteria Catholics”, so it’s okay for me to vote for the virulently pro-abortion party.
  18. Dominionists attend GOP rallies so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician
  19. The Pope believe in Global warming, the Pro-life candidate does not so it is okay for me to vote for a virulently pro-abortion politician

The only way to definitively abolish abortion in the U.S is to amend the Constitution to abolish or limit the practice. The U.S. Supreme Court cases such as Roe vs. Wade defined abortion as being within an “right of privacy” implied in the Constitution, right in which the state’s legitimate interest in the fetus increases over the length of the pregnancy. In over 40 years there has not been sufficient political will to pursue the constitutional amendment process. Because of this, anti-abortion activists have sought to limit the practice within the scope of the state’s heightened level of interest during the second and third trimester

If by birth control you mean hormone controlling pills and condoms, then yes, most Protestants disagree with the Catholic church because they see no theological reasons to object to them. (I think many Protestants *do *, however, object to the disordered sexual conduct that has sometimes arisen because of birth control use).

Most liberal Protestants support abortion, but the same is true of liberal Catholics.

See this poll, which found that 55% of Catholics support abortion, along with


So yeah, there is a problem, but don’t go blaming Protestants for all of the problem.

The House and Senate have voted to defund Planned Parenthood, and although it will be vetoed, it does show that the only thing keeping it funded is the veto. If a pro-life guy is elected in 2016, it will likely be defunded.

And believe it or not, we are only one supreme court justice short of being able to overturn Roe v. Wade, as Scalia, Alito, Thomas, and Roberts would almost certainly vote to overturn it.

But what liberal justice would retire during a Republican presidency? Unless one of them drops dead or otherwise is incapacitated, the court is locked in place ideologically. :shrug:

Kennedy is more moderate than the rest, and while he himself likely wouldn’t vote to overturn the case, I could see him leaving in the next 8 years or so because of age.

Education. Including, most importantly, advice on how not to get pregnant when you are having sex.

There are women who are prolife you know. Not all women view the unborn are something inhuman. in fact most of the prolifers I know are women. We know that these are children being killed. A lot of people who staff pregnancy crisis centers aimed at helping pregnant women are women.

Abortion is also a problem in non-Western countries such as India and China were women are regarded as inferior to men and baby girls not worthy of life.

Women are getting up on the table at the abortion clinic. If women truly believed that they are personally killing their own child, the madness would stop. However, self centered beings that are committing these crimes hold their own personal preferences about themselves to be supreme and, therefore the women who are participating in the intentional killing of their babies feel that their own comfort reigns supreme. I had a friend who intentionally killed three of her babies and finally repented on her deathbed after a lifetime of insisting that she did “the right thing”. Women who lay down for any man who pays the least attention to her and buy into the lie that she has a right to do that and then kill the resulting baby in her womb are the problem. Women have the power to stop this madness by saying no to casual sexual encounters and saying no to killing their own baby. women have no sense of their own innate dignity in these days.

The poor are with you always…
So too with abortion and many other evils…its the nature of things.

Actually this thought that teaching about birth control allowing people to have consequence free sex seems to increase the occurrence of abortion. Planned Parenthood’s own research arm says that 54-56% of women who have abortions in the US were already using contraception when they got pregnant. Abortion was the “backup” for when their primary contraceptive failed.

As long as people continue to sell this BS that sex and pregnancy are only related if they chose them to be, we will continue to see people killing their children when that fallacy is revealed.

I think DavBJ was trying to point out that it is a certain population of women who are strident opposed to restrictions that need to be convinced. They are the ones carrying signs that say “keep your hands off my uterus”, “my body, my choice”, etc.

While I would agree that there are many women that are passionately prolife, it also seems to be the majority of the most passionate prochoice are also women.

The problem of abortion is a human problem not a woman’s problem. Men and women need to speak out against it.

Sex needs to be reserved for marriage. Both men and women need to realize that.

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