Why is it that in movies Gabriel is always made out to be like a double agent?

everytime i watch a movie, and Gabriel is one of the characters, they always make him out to be like someone who is playing both sides.

It’s difficult to answer your question without more information. Can you give an example with plot details?

My guess is because he is not only the herald of God…but the angel of death and destruction as well.

What is the basis for saying that Gabriel is “the angel of death and destruction as well”? I have never heard that before. I don’t think it’s in Scripture and am unaware of it being part of any tradition.

I’m not up on “angelology”. From what I remember, Gabriel is the angel of death as he is the “messenger of tidings”. He is identified with the angle who blows the last trumput to bring forth the dead. He has been identified as bringing destruction to Sodom and Gomorrah as well as the angel who slayed the first born of Egypt. He is the angel of “last things”…he heralds messages from God…the birth of Jesus…he spoke to Daniel…he delivered the Qur’an to Mohammed. He is one of the four angels of the elements…I believe “air” if I remember correctly.

Not much is directly from scripture…but in some of the Gnostic and apocryphal writings…as well as Dante and Milton…his mythology has been “fleshed out” in popular media.

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