Why is it that many people have a problem with chrisitans in general

I find the disdain for Christians very appaling considering our faith and beliefs. It seems that christianity is the main religion that gets criticism from people.

At my school, in mentioning of christianity or God leads to some heated atheistic discussion and I find it sad and pathetic.

How do you deal with it? It makes me very dissapointed in the shame of the world and the nerve of some people to criticize my religion.

It shows that you are on the right path as the devil constantly wants to attack the church.

Sadly so many of us Christians fail to behave as Christians in our every day lives.
So many of us fail to live the teachings of Christ and display His love for everyone by our actions.

If we all managed to live as we should as Christians then people would be delighted at what Christianity really is.

Jesus taught us to care for one another and many times we fail to do this.

Christianity is brought into disrepute by actions of some people who call themselves Christian but do not live the life of Christianity.This makes it all the more harder for us as we strive to love our neighbour and follow the teachings of Christ.

When people criticise Christians perhaps you could say that yes many Christians have made mistakes as have many people from all walks of life But many Christians are working hard to help others in their lives to bring the message of good news that Christ taught us.Many Christians do many good works and dedicate their lives to helping those in need.

We are human and not perfect we are going to make mistakes all we can do is keep trying to follow the wonderful teachings of Jesus.

I think in the US you find this because the majority of Americans identify as Christians. That is the religion that most Americans, religious or not, are most familiar with.

If you maintain your membership on this site, you will learn how many Christians deal with the criticism. It can actually result in our faith becoming stronger. There are wonderfully informed posters here who can answer the ugliest and most disdainful slurs with Truth and charity. Jesus Christ said we would be persecuted for our belief in him, and it is happening daily in our society.

Many people feel burned by Christianity. I usually did growing up and as a young adult. I felt judged and ostracized. Last year, a well-meaning Christian lady went into my office and took down a poster of the Buddha. (She also very heartily discouraged me from studying Catholicism!) She attempted to “tattle” on me to our boss over several things (my boss took my side).

Last year when my son was in afterschool care some boys were, and the ladies who worked there admitted this, handing out pamphlets and such from their church and asking all the kids if they were saved. They kept bugging my son and he finally said, “I’m an atheist” and left it at that. I got a phone call from one of the ladies telling me my son was out of line and she had to do “damage control” with the parents because kids heard him say this. :rolleyes: She wanted to know if he was really an atheist and why. This is a public school-sanctioned aftercare program by the way. She let me know the other boys were going to be free in there to proselytize. It’s incidents like that that are buffering my son’s view that religion is a bad thing, as taught him by his dad.

Things happen that make me not blame non-Christians for getting defensive and acting how they do at times. I’m grateful to the real Christians who have been in my life who were humble and wonderful. :slight_smile:

Some people suffer from neophyte zeal in their secular views.

Christianity is the dominant religion in your country and is also tolerant. It makes an easy target. Why do people target it, beyond the ease? Well people are out to

  1. Hurt you. Insulting your race or sex would make them easy target for the liberal state but anti-religious bigotry still slips under the radar, because many liberals don’t mind that sort of bigotry. It’s easy to hurt and easy not to get busted for hate speech.
  2. They think it makes them intelligent to attack religion. Recycling long refuted logical positivism and fairy tales about how Jesus Christ is a myth (originally started by the Pravda) is easy but is false and in fact makes one look unintelligent. The problem is that to realise this you need a minimum of intelligence, logic and introspection. Most of these people do not analyse their own reasoning though or are incapable of doing so, although some later change their minds when they become exposed to other worldviews, cultures, gain a level of education etc.
  3. It’s easy to be a skeptic as all you need to do is jeer and deny. However the skeptic never substantiates his own position, or very few do, at least, with any success.
  4. Christianity has been dominant in your country and has sometimes been associated with condemnation of certain behaviours. It’s a kind of backlash to the previous strong role it held. People who want to justify for example their love for unrestricted sex do not enjoy being reminded that some behaviours are sinful and wrong.
  5. Politics.
  6. Immaturity. When I don’t like something, I ignore it. Life is too short to waste on bigotry, hatred and unpleasant things. Some people live to ridicule others as it takes the focus off their own inadequacies.
  7. Nothing better to do. Many people are science fetishists but never actually enter a scientific field and make any successful contributions. It’s cool to like science, but if you like something do IT, don’t blog about it, write polemics about it or heap praises on it. Scientific discovery is a participant sport. :slight_smile: If you’re too lazy or just not that much in love with science, it’s easier to just fetishize it.
  8. Anger, jealousy, hatred etc. A lot to do with point 1 and just anger at the self, too. Put the devil here.
  9. Some people have a hatred of Christianity (what’s dominant) as they do have a hatred of many of the aspects of your mainstream or traditional culture. They’ve taken this hatred from their parents who’ve taken it from their parents. They may have rejected their own culture/religion in the past too and now dislike your own.
  10. Many people are just misinformed. There is a lot of propaganda out there against Christianity. People just believe it blindly and well attack you for what they consider similar blind belief. Some Christians are also their own worst enemies. With for example in-fighting or things like the rapture or attacks on evolution - which are not always logical or scientific. Mind you, some attacks on evolution, are fair and the Darwinist side should respond, but often fail to engage. There is also a false dichotomy between science/religion which many sophists (who often make demigods of the new atheist crowd) also argue for.

[quote=chevalier]Some people suffer from neophyte zeal in their secular views.


Also Tenofovir points.

Speaking about Catholicism in particular:


But there is more:

The Black Legend, and the secularizing efforts of some groups, for example, in Spanish speaking countries… even promoting civil wars, like the cases in Spain and Mexico.



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