Why is it wrong to vote for a politician who happens to be pro-choice?

Julian Hunte, a UN politician, is Catholic & openly pro-abortion. Yet he received a knighthood from the Pope as a reward for his UN work on behalf of the Church. The spokesman for the Church said the knighthood had nothing to do with rewarding Mr. Hunte for his pro-abortion views.

In light of this example from the Pope, why is it considered wrong to vote for a candidate who happens to be pro-abortion, if this is not the reason why one is voting for him?

Dear Bonnie,

The unfortunate knighting of a pro-abortion politician does not in any way reduce the moral responsibility that other Catholic politicians have to support life. If any Catholic politician gives public support to abortion, he or she is sinning gravely as is anyone who knowingly supports such a person.

No Catholic politician, indeed no Catholic, just HAPPENS to be pro-abortion. It is a deliberate choice and an evil one at that! This is not neutralized by the fact that such an individual may be in favor of any number of good endeavors.

If the politician is abusive to his wife and children and supports terrorists, would we ask if it is alright to vote for him because this is not the reason we are voting for him? I don’t think so.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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