Why is Jesus your King?


Because he’s the one person I could trust with absolute power and know he would be totally benevolent and loving forever.


To prove that he is king? What do you mean?


Since when does Jesus have to prove himself to us? He doesn’t have to do that and it would be irreverent/ rude/ wrong for us to expect him to do so, when he already suffered horribly and died on the Cross for us.


Your comment reminded me of chapters 40-41 in Job. Copying them here would be too long, so I’ll just put the last two lines:

“41:24 There is no power upon earth that can be compared with him who was made to fear no one,
41:25 He beholdeth every high thing, he is king over all the children of pride.”


Our Lord told Pilate that He was king but not of this world. The world He is King of is the world we as Christians wish to belong to and whilst here in mortal form He is our chosen King as He will be in the next.

For all believers He is then King of all.


God created me.


I think this Bible verse will help you:

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” - Rev. 22:13

God is the great I AM, He is King because He is the Alpha and the Omega, He is who was, who is, and who is to come


I’m surprised no one could give me an authentic answer except two people.

I call Jesus King of my life because He never gives up on me.

Now. Why do YOU call him king?


I’m not looking for a theological answer here. I want to know why in your relationship with Jesus he is your King? What things in your life cause you to exclaim “Jesus is my Lord and King!”


People are trying to answer you …you just seem to be fishing for the definition you want to hear.


To say He is king because “That is who he is based on the virtue he created all things” is a true statement. But you can’t find one aspect of Him in your life that reflects his kingship?


This is the type of answer I’m looking for.


Your first answer was the kind of answer I’m looking for. Thank you for sharing.


No. I’m not seeing authentic answers from people statements that sounds like “just because that’s who he is!” That’s not an authentic answer. How are you to evangelize if you cannot form an answer to this question if a non Christian without a whole lot of theological or apologetic knowledge were to ask you?

Only two people gave the kind of answer I am looking for.


Who are you to judge the authenticity of someones response?

For them it may very well be…you seem to be conducting the thread as if your an adjunct professor trying to pry open minds.

You state answers YOU are looking for…trying listening to the people who are thinking for themselves.
You might be surprised.
Maybe the reason people are telling you that “just because that’s who He is” is because it represents a beautiful fruit of their faith.

Also, you cannot separate the theological aspect of the question…it is on scripture, tradition and theology and the Prophets that we even know of our Lord’s Kingship.


Okay. Thanks for your input.


I understand what BlueMaxx is saying even if I don’t quite agree with his word choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a former protestant, I could lay out my rousing argument for Christ which is based on emotional appeal. And, I’d be telling you the truth because Christ has had a profound impact on my life, and my relationship with Him sustains me.


In the end, it says much much more and is much more profound to simply say that He is my king by virtue of Him being who he is. It is a recognition of the magnitude and enormity of God, the great I Am.

As Maxx said, it is a deeper truth. A richer truth than anything else I can come up with. And, from an evangelization standpoint, conversion occurs when people come to understand in the depths of their being that Christ is King by virtue of who he is. Additionally, in times of dryness/darkness, it is the awareness of who God is, and the acknowledgment that he is deserving of all honor and glory just for who he is, that will help us make it through that tough time.


I understand. Thank you.

I guess I had read an article that mentioned a good practice is to come up with a definition of why Christ is King in your life so that in times of sadness, doubt, feelings of abandonment, or temption one can say: “Wait I know that Jesus truly is my king because…”

I guess maybe the honest answer really is just because of the virtue of Him being Creator.

But my go to is still because I see how much He purses me even in my worst moments. That’s why hole is my king :slight_smile:


Sorry…haven’t had any coffee yet.

Also to MiserereMei25 I intended no disrespect.

I love good banter and sometimes hit back too hard…

Mea Culpa


If you had led off with that instead of an open ended question you could have saved me from having to go confess sumptin :rage::rage:

Just joshing…good conversation and I get where you are coming from now…

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