Why is Jesus your King?


To say He is king because “That is who he is based on the virtue he created all things” is a true statement. But you can’t find one aspect of Him in your life that reflects his kingship?


This is the type of answer I’m looking for.


Your first answer was the kind of answer I’m looking for. Thank you for sharing.


No. I’m not seeing authentic answers from people statements that sounds like “just because that’s who he is!” That’s not an authentic answer. How are you to evangelize if you cannot form an answer to this question if a non Christian without a whole lot of theological or apologetic knowledge were to ask you?

Only two people gave the kind of answer I am looking for.


Who are you to judge the authenticity of someones response?

For them it may very well be…you seem to be conducting the thread as if your an adjunct professor trying to pry open minds.

You state answers YOU are looking for…trying listening to the people who are thinking for themselves.
You might be surprised.
Maybe the reason people are telling you that “just because that’s who He is” is because it represents a beautiful fruit of their faith.

Also, you cannot separate the theological aspect of the question…it is on scripture, tradition and theology and the Prophets that we even know of our Lord’s Kingship.


Okay. Thanks for your input.


I understand what BlueMaxx is saying even if I don’t quite agree with his word choice. :slightly_smiling_face:

As a former protestant, I could lay out my rousing argument for Christ which is based on emotional appeal. And, I’d be telling you the truth because Christ has had a profound impact on my life, and my relationship with Him sustains me.


In the end, it says much much more and is much more profound to simply say that He is my king by virtue of Him being who he is. It is a recognition of the magnitude and enormity of God, the great I Am.

As Maxx said, it is a deeper truth. A richer truth than anything else I can come up with. And, from an evangelization standpoint, conversion occurs when people come to understand in the depths of their being that Christ is King by virtue of who he is. Additionally, in times of dryness/darkness, it is the awareness of who God is, and the acknowledgment that he is deserving of all honor and glory just for who he is, that will help us make it through that tough time.


I understand. Thank you.

I guess I had read an article that mentioned a good practice is to come up with a definition of why Christ is King in your life so that in times of sadness, doubt, feelings of abandonment, or temption one can say: “Wait I know that Jesus truly is my king because…”

I guess maybe the honest answer really is just because of the virtue of Him being Creator.

But my go to is still because I see how much He purses me even in my worst moments. That’s why hole is my king :slight_smile:


Sorry…haven’t had any coffee yet.

Also to MiserereMei25 I intended no disrespect.

I love good banter and sometimes hit back too hard…

Mea Culpa


If you had led off with that instead of an open ended question you could have saved me from having to go confess sumptin :rage::rage:

Just joshing…good conversation and I get where you are coming from now…


An excellent practice. Do you have a link to the article?

I think it’s important for us all to recognize that people are wired in different ways. In times of doubt it may be enough for some of us to remind ourselves that God is the great I Am. For other of us, it might help for them to cling to a personal consolation from God. For still others, it might be a combination. The important thing is to stay the course. Dark times will come, but if we stay the course and have faith we will come through them.


Because I believe in him.


Honestly, I never considered Jesus - as a King - or even a Prince.
Pilate asking Jesus, " Are you a King ? " - is such a cool question -
I would love to know how Pilate"s facial expression - was.

But in the famous Jesus movie - the three wise men show up to the stable / cave
One of them says something like " how fitting, a king, not born in a palace - but in humility "
That’s how I see Jesus - the last few decades - more as a humble friend.

When the Da Vinci Code - was out - people did speak about…
whether or not - the royal bloodline of Jesus - still - existed on Earth -
( via Mary Magdeline )
that struck me in a wondrous way - when I heard that !
I instantly thought of him - as a King - thee - king.


Because He’s humble and gentle and kind-and God! Just not impressed with what the world offers as heroes.


I grew up in a home that wasn’t Christian and with a parent that had addictions. I knew what darkness and hopelessness looked like. Then one day I had a book of Fatima, the day the sun danced, and it changed my life. God is real. He didn’t part the Red Sea thousands of years ago and disappear. He cares about me, today. A light bulb came on. It turned my life upside down.

I have told this little story about my light bulb. During the long dark winter evenings I had a light bulb burn out in the kitchen. I pointed to the light bulb and said JESUS You are the LIGHT of the world! and that light bulb popped back on. My husband backed up until he hit the cupboards. Then, he cautiously walked up to the bulb to see if it was loose. It was in tight. Then he backed up again until he hit the cupboards. His eyes were huge. And then the big smile! Jesus is indeed the Light of the world.

I told this story to people, who kind of smirked. A week goes by and then the phone calls THE BURNT OUT BULB CAME BACK ON!!!
May your light bulb come on too.

Dear Savior, haste! Come, come to earth.
Dispel the night and show your face,
And bid us hail the dawn of grace.


I agree with @BlueMaxx
People are answering your question, it’s you who’s not accepting them.


Yes the catechetical answer


And ain’t that an “authentic answer” to you?


Ioannes. Is there anything that makes you exclaim Jesus is King in your own life? Anything he has done? How does he reach out to you? What sticks out To you the most about Jesus’s life?

What is it in your relationship with Jesus that’s beautiful?


If my answer which mentioned Jesus is king by right of conquest after dying for me doesn’t “count”, I can’t imagine anything that He’s done for @Ioannes_L would.

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