Why is Jesus your King?


Oh my gosh this answer totally counts! When did I say this wasn’t a beautiful answer?

He is your King because he died for you. Perfect.


I think maybe this is a little different question than “Why is Jesus your King?” I answered sincerely about why Jesus is my King. But as an American, I’m kind of uncomfortable with the idea of royalty. It’s not that I have a problem with Jesus being my authority, but I am more comfortable thinking of him as “My Lord and My God” in the religious sense than “My King” because “king” mostly has a negative context to an American, at least one who isn’t into the whole Knights of the Round Table trip.

I love thinking of Jesus as my best friend and my brother. I realize some people don’t like that because to them it’s too much “Buddy Christ” and not enough “Holy Fear”. But I am alone a lot and I really need a friend who is reliable in every way even when I’m a bad friend myself. Jesus is totally somebody who would fill that role. He would always be there. He would always say the right thing. He would always take my calls. He would never leave me alone. I like to think of myself as being one of his disciples, like the Apostles and Mary Magdalen. I can ask myself, would I have been like John and Mary Magdalene and gone all the way to the foot of the cross with His mom, or would I have been like all the others who ran away? I would hope I wouldn’t be like Judas.

So if you’re looking for the “what’s beautiful in my relationship with Christ” answer, that’s mine.

I wonder if some other people also just have some trouble expressing the idea of a “kingly” relationship in terms other than those in the Catechism, because they don’t live in a monarchy, they haven’t experienced the wonderful benevolent ruler model.


That’s between me and Him, no offense.


Ok thank you!


We do have Christ the King feast day. But I get what you mean, I think. Sounds like you have a beautiful relationship with Jesus. Your answer inspired me. He is a friend that’s reliable in every way. Love that.


Because he is. :neutral_face:

He is also the of the line of David and the only true King because he both Man and God.

God never intended that there was ever human kings but he allowed it to appease the Jewish people who were jealous of the gentiles.

Through Saul he showed how absolute power corrupts absolutely and through David and Solomon he went on to show how good men could even turn away from God and become bad leaders.


How has he shown up as King in your life?


I don’t really know… :thinking:

I would say that perhaps believing in the kingship of Christ keeps me in check when I get a little too confident in politicians.

I also think of myself as a Knight of Christ and as a soldier of God so I think of God as my King the Virgin Mary as my Queen and as Archangel Michael as my Captain.


I love the last part you mentioned. God your King and Mary your Queen and Michael your Captain as a Solider in Christ.

I also hav to remind myself the same thing in politics.


Yes. That’s the Truth!


I have no problem acknowledging Jesus Christ as King of the Universe. He’s so much better than our arrogant, misguided, or evil politicians. I shall joyfully kneel before the KING :crown:


For it is written, I live, saith [the] Lord, that to me shall bow every knee, and every tongue shall confess to God.

That in the name of Jesus every knee should bow, of those that are in heaven, on earth, and under the earth:


Our one glimpse of Heaven in Revelation sure seems like worship of a King. I remember talking to a protestant who said we will be dancing with Jesus in Heaven like charismatics do here on earth and I was like well that don’t sound like what Scripture says.

Liberals seem to have a problem with Jesus as King I guess because a BFF Jesus would understand dissent whereas a King would mete out justice as well as mercy.

Every knee shall bow except when we receive the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord?


I think it’s a bad idea to start a thread and then make posters jump through hoops to give you an opinion that you had already decided was ‘correct’ frankly.

I think people give some thought to their posts and sometimes considerable thought and are therefore due respect just for that alone.

Have you finished reading St Frances de Sales yet? Treatise on the love of God?


What hoops? Asking for more than a “he’s my king because he his!” Answer?


You grandly stated that only two people had a suitable answer that satisfied what you were looking for.
Good day.


Because they did. Then a few others after.


I start a thread to open a debate and through dialectics or sometimes through the greater knowledge of others we can all learn. I don’t open a thread with the idea that I’m going to teach people the right answers, I don’t assume to know or to teach. That would be supercilious and not in keeping with the development of spirit but of ego.


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