Why is Love/Happiness more perfect than "Nothingness"

One of the biggest contrats between Christianity and Buddhism is Christians strive for ultimate love/happiness…while Buddhists strive for eternal “nothingness”. The desire for love and happiness, to them, is an imperfection that will lead to suffering…“It’s better to not be anything at all”

So I ask, why is it better to desire love than to not desire anything. Why is eternal happiness more perfect than eternal “nothingness”

One produces good.
The other produces nothing.
It’s one thing to be humble, that’s a good thing.
But our prayers and our love enriches the world.
If you are nothing, you give and receive nothing.
We believe we are made in the image and likeness of God.
We have a job to do. Spread love.
Beat peace.

There is no such thing as “nothingness” unless one doesn’t exist at all to begin with. So even losing all desire for anything is still an attempt at a greater happiness -than that which we’ve experienced by being slaves to desire. Otherwise why strive at all? So in the end even the desire for so called nothingness is still desire. and since nothingness isnt achievable anyway, we might as well admit to our desire to be happy and actively seek for that “something” that will fulfill all desire.

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