Why is Mary above the apostles?


she wasnt martered or anytiing


Martyrdom isn’t the determining factor of someone’s greatness.


God made her to be mother of Jesus. He made the apostles to follow Jesus… she had a greater responsibility


She is the immaculate conception. There is no other person with that.


It depends what you mean by “anything.”


God thought she was special, that is enough for me.

I’d suggest reading Fulton J Sheen’s “The World’s First Love”


She is the Ark of the New Covenant.


She was assumed into heaven body and soul. There is no other person with that.


Why is Mary above the apostles? Well off the top of my head I can name four reasons

  1. Her Immaculate Conception
  2. Her Perpetual Virginity
  3. Her Divine Maternity
  4. Her Glorious Assumption.

No apostle, no saint, no human being can come remotely close to that most perfect of God’s creatures!


Angels are higher beings than humans and this is shown throughout the bible. That being said, notice when Gabriel announces Jesus’s birth to Mary, Gabriel says “Hail, full of grace, the Lord is with you!” That is an angel acknowledging that Mary is a higher being then him.

Not only is Mary above the Apostles but the angels as well.


And other prophets I forgot.


Enoch and Elijah.


She was the first one to say, “Yes.” She gave herself completely to God’s will. The other apostles followed him, but the Gospel’s are full of examples of them questioning Jesus’ directives. Mary has humility but she also has influence with her son. She asked Him to turn water into wine, and He did. She watched in agony as He was crucified, died, and was buried. She was not martyred, but she did suffer.


Mary had to suffer watching Jesus die and since her love for Him as both her son and as God it would have been less painful if she had died the same pains a hundred times. I think it will be easier for generous people who have a great love for people that will understand this pain. Also, Mary had to deal with the knowledge that Jesus was going to die from the beginning (since Mary would have studied Scripture when she was at the temple) and the fact that Jesus as a loving and perfect Child would have made it worse since He wasn’t deserving of it. Saint Alphonsus wrote a great sermon on it. Mary also had seven sorrows and since she had to live many years after the Ascension of Christ into heaven without the God whom she loved more than anything. These long and sharp pains of the soul were much worse than the quick martyrdoms.


Here I was able to find the sermon. It is an edifying read.


She’s your mother. If you want to put one of the apostles such as John or Peter before her you can, by all means nobody will stop you, but I guarantee both of them will be deeply offended and disappointed by it and they will still put her first.



The gates of Heaven were closed to ALL (that means Enoch and Elijah too) before the death and resurrection of Jesus.



Besides other answers, she is the bride of the Holy Spirit, the new Eve mother of the new Adam. One third of the angels could not stand the thought and rebelled against God. Happy Sunday!


She is the Mother of God, the Theotokos. She is the first one who had God in her tummy!

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