Why is Mary's perpetual virginity so important?

Hey, I realize this is a topic that comes up a lot on here but i haven’t seen anything yet concerning the question that im asking. I am currently a protestant attending an anglican church and could see myself becoming catholic one day. Currently im having a convo with my roomate on Mary’s perpetual virginity and whether or not the doctrine is true. But at the moment we aren’t concerned about whether or not its true. So my question is why is important that she remained a virgin? Is sex seen as something impure within catholicism (i realize it is outside of marriage)? Why is celibacy seen as something so much better than a husband and wife coming together in love within marriage? What would’ve been wrong about her having sex with her husband? Or is this doctrine only important b/c it is a dogmatic teaching of the church and if it isn’t true than the church is in error and therefore the Catholic Church isn’t the one true church?


This one has come up also, but I am always happy to explain anything about the Mother of God. The Catholic Church’s concern about Mary’s perpetual virginity has little to do with its value of celibacy and everything to do with the fact that Jesus is God. In Catholic churches, once a tabernacle has enclosed the presence of Christ in the Eucharist, it is never used for any other purpose; so too with the womb that enclosed His presence. It remains a sacred place. Surely, you don’t suggest that such tabernacles and Mary’s womb don’t deserve such honor for having harbored the presence of God.

Further, Mary was deliberately conceived without original sin simply that her womb be spotless and pure for the conception of Jesus. To conceive other children stained with original sin would be to defile it. So the womb in which Jesus was conceived remains sacred and undefiled.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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