Why is Michael the Archangel a saint?


From my understanding, a saint lived on the earth and is now in Heaven. So saints had bodies. Michael the Archangel did not visibly live on the earth, but is pure spirit worship and adore God.

Why then, is Michael the Archangel classified as a saint?


“Saint” or “Sancte” means “holy.” The Angels who remained faithful to God are holy. According to scripture. Michael was the Angel who led the two-thirds of the angels who remained faithful to God. The remainder rejected God thus lost all their beauty and goodness that come form God’s life in them, thus they became devils.St Michael is truly holy, therefore there is no problem with calling “him” “saint”.

We also use Sancte in relation to the Holy Spirit. who also isn’t human.

God bless you:)


I never knew that satan and the Fallen lost all their “beauty.” Goodness yes, but I thought their appearence remained the same, as he sometimes comes as an angel of Light to decieve.

Did Lucifer lose his beauty? i have never heard that mentioned infallibly by the church, only his goodness and purity.


what is true beauty if it is not purity of soul/spirit?

how can satan be beautiful is he is at emnity with God?


I’m not sure if it’s part of Sacred Tradition… or simply a pious story; but I had also heard, that before the fall “Lucifer” was the most beautiful of all the angels. But because of his disobedience and disloyalty, to God… and his rebellion… he became ugly.

I always thought, that the ugliness of Satan and the fallen angels… lay in their sin. In other words, their true appearance… which God surely sees… is extremely ugly. So, although the devil can appear as “an angel of light” and deceive human eyes… he can never deceive Almighty God.

(btw… Nor can we. God sees the true condition of each human soul, as well).


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