Why is Mormonism the big discussion topic in this forum?

Kind of new here, but i’ve noticed that Mormon threads are quite popular around here. How come?

Because it is the one religion that apparently most Catholics here feel threatened by. With that said, get ready for the onslought of people who disagree with me. “I think the dost protesteth too loudly”:stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, John,
I’m LDS, and wandered onto this site off of a Google query. There are several former LDS who feel very strongly and therefore participate actively, and the few LDS members who participate here also have deep feelings about their religion. The conversations are mostly between those two groups, with occasional participation from others.

I have enjoyed the discussions for the most part, and have looked things up in the Bible to try and explain from a Biblical perspective, which has been a fun learning process personally. I also like most everyone who participates, which means I have participated as “friend to friend.” None are enemies from my perspective. I wish them and all Catholics here well–have a great day!

Because mormons are a dangerous cult, they skew the very nature of what was originally taught on so many levels, it’s not funny. Who actually dubbed their saints, “saints”, for one. They weaken the message of Christ, putting him on a lowly plane of existence and literally claim he was the devils brother. I lived in a LDS household, there were no bibles to be found there, yet there was that tripe they call the book of morman sitting around. If you actually read it, it’s the same story over and over again, grog wants to kill his neighbor, grog does so, thanks god, moves onto the next slaughter. They believe that one day they each can become gods, this is out right blasphemy, they believe that Christ appeared on many worlds, yet this one being the most wicked, being the only one to kill him. This goes on and on, and their version of the bible rewrites all of the precious word we as mainstream Christians follow.

The tragedy over it all, they put on a front like they have this holy perspective, yet it’s not from God that their church is founded upon, it’s from lucifer himself. Moving on from there, might as well embrace scientology, might as well embrace JW, might as well embrace anything that appears on the surface as being righteous, slandering who and what true believers are about, just to make their church more powerful. Hey, it would bring about the end of times sooner rather then later at least…sarcasm… What gets me the most is when they come to my door, calling themselves LDS, when I ask them if that’s mormen, they deny it, insisting I come to their church instead… I guess anyway you can get someone into your doors, no matter what tactic is used is ok in their church…

Because they keep bothering us. Most LDS who participate here are not interested in Catholicism, they are only trolling for converts.

I’m glad the Mormons are here. Even though they are as hard headed and misguided as the Jehovah Witnesses they do not turn tail and run like the JWs when confronted with questions and hard evidence.

Most of the Mormons here are very nice people and Catholics in particular love to debate them because the LDS religion is considered a cult and a danger to their immortal souls. It is actually easy to show how the LDS is a false religion but the Mormons refuse to accept evidence over that “warm feeling in the bosom”

The previous Catholic poster says we feel threatened by the Mormons. That’s not true. Those of us who know and have studied both religions have no fear of the Mormons at all. But like the Mormons themselves have been lead to believe in a false church we are concerned with our brethren who are slack in their study of Catholicism and are apt to be mislead by the Mormons.

Because Catholics are deeply troubled, worried, petrified, fearful of Mormonism (because it is true), and that is all they want to talk about.


Everyone wants a say in it. It’s actually quite the heated debate on whether they’re even Christian or not. I personally think it’s only fair to label them as Christians no matter how loopy their teachings about Jesus are. I like to think of them as “the broken branch of the Christmas tree”.

With that being said, congratulations. I think this thread might be one of those popular discussions. :wink:

Ironically Yours, Blade and Blood

Most people have been visited by Mormon missionaries who attempt to convert them the to the LDS religion. Many Catholics on this forum like to discuss Mormonism so that they will be prepared to defend Catholicism when they are visited by the Mormon missionaries in the future.

Also, the Mormons have been successful in converting people to the LDS. Catholics want to do all they can to prevent souls from leaving the Church that Christ founded. In order to defend Catholicism, they have to know the strategies of the Mormon missionaries. Discussing the Mormon faith on this website prepares us to defend our faith, and helps us prevent fellow Catholics/Christians from converting to the Mormon religion.

Mormon missionaries are very well trained and prepared to evangelise others. They receive lessons on the best ways to convert people to the Mormon religion. They study our religion in order to convert Catholics who are weak in the faith. Therefore, it is important for us to study Mormonism in order to show others the unbiblical, man-made doctrines of this man-made religion. We need to be well-prepared to defend the true religion of Christ, just as the Mormons are well-prepared to promote the religion of Joseph Smith.

For “lazy” Mormons, it beats getting a door closed in your face.


Much easier to spread their “word” on the the internet.

It’s funny that you would say Mormons are Christian as they believe they are the only Christians. Here is what the leaders of that “Christian” church have to say about us and others:

“Orthodox Christian views of God are pagan rather than Christian” (Mormon Doctrine of Deity, B. H. Roberts [General Authority], 116).

“The Roman Catholic, Greek, and Protestant church, is the great corrupt, ecclesiastical power, represented by great Babylon” (Orson Pratt, Writings of an Apostle, Orson Pratt, n. 6, 84).

“All the priests who adhere to the sectarian [Christian] religions of the day with all their followers, without one exception, receive their portion with the devil and his angels” (The Elders Journal, Joseph Smith, ed. Vol. 1, n. 4, 60).

[Under the heading, “Church of the Devil,” Apostle Bruce R. McConkie lists:] “The Roman Catholic Church specifically—singled out, set apart, described, and designated as being ‘most abominable above all other churches’ (I Ne. 13:5)” (Mormon Doctrine, 1958, 129).

You really believe that they worship the same God as we do? Here is what they teach about God.

As the Mormon church has taught since that time, God the Father was once a man who was created by his God, was born and lived on another earth, learned and lived the “Mormon gospel,” died, and was eventually resurrected and made God over this universe. As such, he retains forever his flesh-and-bones body.

Since they teach that God is flesh and bones they do not accept what the Christian bible says about God:

John 4:24: “God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth.” And how do you define “spirit”? Listen to Christ in Luke 24:39: “A spirit hath not flesh and bones, as ye see me have.”

Now the Mormons will not believe what the Christian bible says if it conflicts with their beliefs.

The Catholic Church does not recognize Mormon baptism yet it does recognize the baptisms of countless other churches as valid.

It takes more than just using the name of Jesus Christ to be a Christian. Their Jesus is not the Jesus of our Christian bible. They believe in multiple Gods on other worlds but only worship the God of our world.

They are not Christian by any stretch of the imagination.

Actually…I’m not afraid of your minor group. They bear very little relevance for those of us in Europe, beyond a few American immigrants who decided to bring their book with them (nothing wrong with that). I can honestly say that I am not troubled, worried, petrified or fearful of Mormonism, nor do I believe it to be true. Also I think this is one of the few times I’ve actually discussed anything Mormon related. So thats that theory debunked eh?

One of the most appalling aspects of many organized religions is their love affair with expensive materialistic bling like gold, huge fancy bldgs, works of art, fancy ornate clothes, literally billions of dollars of extraneous prideful bling.

All this sinful bling is totally un-christ-like in every respect.

When the mormons finished their fancy huge multimillion dollar gothic temple here in La Jolla CA, they placed a huge gold-plated statue of moroni at the very top of it, blowing his bugle towards salt lake city. Just a day or two after this statue was erected it was hit by lightning and melted into a puddle.

God works in time honored and wondrous ways in my humble opinion.


So what is your answer to the OP? You must have some kind of an answer for him. What is that?


One of the reasons I post here is when I see mis-conceptions and misunderstanding caused by people with very limited (often wrong) information, such as Ricko.

Here was a post I entered during the week before Easter, which includes how LDS view Catholics:

Just for the record,

The degrees of glory or degrees of heaven were taught in early Christianity, as Paul attests. (See 1 Corinthians 15:40-42, 57) Christ will be far more triumphant in His victory over Satan than general Christianity gives Him credit for, according to LDS beliefs.

God is present in all three kingdoms of glory.

In the celestial kingdom, Christ will be enthroned with God the Father, but Christ will also visit the resurrected souls in the terrestrial kingdom–not dwell there. The Holy Spirit’s presence will be in all three kingdoms of glory. The Father will be extending His love and of course the resurrected souls in the telestial and terrestrial kingdoms will feel that love, only they cannot dwell in His presence because they would feel uncomfortable being there.

The telestial kingdom (which is where those rescued from hell as described in Rev. 21:8 go) has the presence of the Holy Ghost, a member of the Godhead with love, light, and truth to bring to those who are resurrected to this glory which is a place of peace beyond our comprehension.

The terrestrial kingdom (which is where those go who lived by the commandments but didn’t seem to want the responsibility and covenant-making and truth-seeking to find the “hidden truths” talked about by Paul) has the presence of both the Holy Ghost and of Jesus Christ. This is a glory far beyond our comprehension, with love, light, and truth, and eternal peace.

Christ will triumph over Satan by delivering as many as will “bow the knee” and “confess” and repent of their sins, from hell (if they had to suffer there) or by restoring those who obeyed the gospel into their resurrected bodies and into a kingdom of glory which "eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor entered into the heart of man.” Christ also delivers babies or children who died young into the celestial heavenly kingdom. By the vastness of the numbers who go to a degree of heaven, and by the vastness of the eternal progression made available through Christ, it is a triumph far greater than Christianity generally acknowledges. It encompasses all people who have ever lived on this earth. He has been mindful of each and every person, and His plan has included each one from the Beginning. Hell will eventually only hold a few handfuls of people who rebelled against the pure witness of the Holy Ghost and thus rejected Christ with full knowledge of what they were doing.

Would not God the Father and Christ rejoice to have as many souls as possible delivered from hell and eternal torment? Is that not a triumph? It is a triumph that we mortals can scarcely comprehend.

May all have a wonderful Good Friday and a blessed Easter Sunday.

Why do the mormons keep coming here? That is the better question.

I am personally interested in mormonism because of friends of mine who are mormon, and my own personal look into that faith. I know a lot about the LDS. I don’t fear or hate them, I actually see a lot of similarities between catholics and mormons and the similarities interest me. I admire and respect some aspects of their organization, and their strong family values. In general mormons are good people who are trying to be faithful to their religion. They are just misguided and following the wrong faith.

And Parker is one of the best of those. :thumbsup:

Well, there are a fair few ex Mormons on the boards, who are experts in this particular ‘‘non Catholic religion’’ Who point out their own experiences with the movement. There are also several practicing Mormons who either agree or disagree, thus long threads are born.

Have a look at those who engage in the ‘‘Mormon’’ threads, I think you’ll find a fair few names shared between them.

The reason is simple: both faiths claim truth. Now for the catholics their truth is based on Peter and the rock. For mormons their truth is based on the restoration. The restoration is a threat for catholics on this forum because it would imply that their belief in Peter and the rock is fractured. Thus, they have to prove mormonism wrong. Of course, no one has proven the mormon church false but it does make certain catholics on this section of the forum feel good to repeat it over and over again.

Now if the mormon church was just a protestant sect, no catholic would feel threatened and the subject of mormonism would be like the threads on Jehovah’s Witnessess or Seventh Day Adventists…few and far in between.

I just noticed your recent comment here. Thanks! :wink: One of the things I have valued in having spent time “here” has been getting to know different sides of your personality (and others) a little bit–even slightly. Perhaps someday our paths will cross–who knows? I would be pleased to meet you and count you as a friend then, and for now as a kind internet friend. No doubt God is blessing you in your life, and no doubt it will continue to be so.

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