Why is my church so protestant?


On the one hand, I like that there are a lot of fellowship-type activities. On the other hand, it seems like they’re always using protestant materials for these. It’s not stuff that’s making a big difference (God’s love is God’s love regardless of what Bible translation you use, kwim?) but I just feel like I have to be “on guard” all the time just in case.
Then I wonder if I am being too critical. If I hear about a lithurgial abuse, I have to be on the lookout for it.
Sorry just feeling a little conflicted. It’s a lovely church, I think maybe I am being hyper-sensitive to certain things. Disillusioned, perhaps.


I think you are asking the wrong people.

You need to ask this question to your pastor and the leaders of the ministries who are using Protestant materials.

There are plenty of good, solid Catholic materials available for CCD, bible study, social programs, etc. There is no reason to use non-Catholic materials.


I don’t know why “fellowship” activities are automatically perceived as “protestant.” Our parish has a couple of groups and a parish council commission dedicated to social activities and community building. Without knowing your definition of fellowship activities I don’t know why these things, which typically happen outside Mass, would constitute liturgical abuse. also I don’t know what you mean by protestant materials, do you mean bible studies or books?


Sorry I’m more venting than anything else.
Specific examples…Vacation Bible School is Gospel Light’s curriculum. It’s cute, but it uses protestant Bibles.
Our mother’s group is MOPS. I don’t think their statement of faith conflicts at all, but their materials use protestant Bibles.

I’m talking about lithurgical abuses at mass, and was trying to give an example of ways that perhaps I am too critical.


even most “protestant” VBS programs have Catholic versions, altho sometimes it just means they change the order of the 10 commandments and throw in a couple of saints. The children’s bible translations they are probably using will likely not be a problem. There are also several good Catholic VBS programs out now as well. I guess you would have to get involved with the people who plan these progams and find out why they are ignorant of good Catholic resources.

Since you don’t list any liturgical abuse (which would go on the liturgy forum) I won’t respond to that. MOPS is actually in my experience a better group than MOMS.


I appreciate your reassurances. Makes me feel better.:slight_smile:


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