Why is NFP acceptable?


Not correct. Billing Ovulation Method is clear…sexual intercourse needs to be avoided for a 3-5 day window during ovulation (because of the fertility of the egg) and during menstruation. Typically then, a couple are free to engage in relations for about 17 days each month.


NFP is acceptable because your simply abstaining from sex during one’s fertile period; your not causing the death of an unborn baby. When you do have sex your open to the possibility of having a child.


I make sense of NFP by stating the teaching as the only moral way to avoid a pregnancy is not having sex. In those terms it makes things clear.


I used NFP for 18 years. Sex always had a unitive aspect. It is supposed to be pleasurable. That is what is unitive. There is also always a chance that it won’t work and that was okay too.
It is to be used for serious reasons. Those are left up to the couple to decide.


I did not say NFP was wrong, nor did I say it was not supposed to be pleasurable. I said ABC destroys it’s unitive aspect.


I misread. I am sorry that I attributed that to you.


No worries.


Actually it is because sperm are also alive. And sperm can live for up to five days,

An ovum doesn’t stay viable for 5 days, normally.


Wrong. 5 days is the lifespan of the sperm inside a woman. Theoretically it is possible a sperm from 5 days before ovulation can fertilize an egg. Also, the precise date and time of ovulation is not an exact science and can vary month to month. The egg itself is only on the scene for a day or less.


Spermatozoas can live up to 7 days.
But even with this small correction, I think you are little optimistic with the few days of continence you mentionned. It might be your experience, but don’t think it is for the most of people.
In latence period (before the beginning of fertility) with Billings Ovulation Method, there are rules that does not allowed unions all days and whenever the couple wishes.

You are right that if a couple want to avoid children seriousely, monthly bleedings have to be continence period, because the fertilty is unobservable, so unknown.


Ha ha. That is a bit of a bleak analogy. :smile:

It’s true though that ABC treats fertility as a disease and takes measures to destroy it. NFP respects fertility as a special even sacred aspect of our bodies to be treated like the gift it is.


You are right to notice that marriage has a procreative aspect. However it is more a consequence, and great good of conjugal unions that the couple accept when they marry. But not inherent and mandatory for the marriage validity.

If it can brings you some lights, Pope Pius XII have answer a question on a possible transmission of genetic illness (September, 12 1958, to a congress of hematology) that the object of the matrionial contract is not the child, but the accomplishment of the natural matrimonial act, or more precisely the right to accomplish this act.
(…) (even independtly of the capacity of the child to live)

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