Why is prayer so important?

Hi guys. I know prayer is important… I just would like to get a reminder or maybe an explanation of why… Is prayer so important? I mean when I see something bad happen… Whats the difference between me saying it in my heart that I pray for him lord, look after him and me stopping to make the sign of the cross and praying and making it “official” so to speak.

Also, why does God only give graces when we pray asking for it? Should he not give us all the graces we need already? Sorry if its a very silly question… I actually kind of know the answer to this second paragraph question but I would like to hear your thoughts as I want an even better answer to it!

Thanks for your time!

Praying is important because it helps us develop a personal and intimate relationship with God.

it also helps to remind us that we are reliant on God and that all the graces we receive and all the gifts we have are from Him.

Bolded part of your question. This clearly comes from that pesky “FREE WILL” we allways hear about.

Yes GOD could give us all the graces we need, but by Him wanting us to ask for them HE is reminding us that we CAN reject HIM.

As for the first part, here too, GOD could just as easily read our hearts and know what we want, and yet that would be a very lopsided relationship would it not?

How are we to make friends with a God that requires NO participation from US?
Makes NO sense :rolleyes:

Just my worthless :twocents:

Because it’s an act of obedience, and nothing is granted to us unless we ask for it and accept it, regardless if God already knows what we need better than we do. Communion and fellowship with God is never a one-way street. How bland our relationship with our Creator would be if that were so. The scripture compares the union of a husband and wife as a faint reflection of our up and coming union with Christ. That’s pretty intense.

Matthew 6: 7-8:
And in praying do not heap up empty phrases as the Gentiles do; for they think that they will be heard for their many words. Do not be like them, for your Father knows what you need before you ask him.

For one important thing, praying and reflecting we recieve the grace that helps us not to rely on our own understanding. Peace, Carlan

Man was made in the image of God. Man is “most perfectly like God according to that in which he can best imitate God in his intellectual nature.” Man possesses “a natural aptitude for understanding and loving God; …] which is common to all men.”

The Catechism of Pope St Pius X:
34 Q. Why do we say that man was created to the image and likeness of God?
A. We say that man was created to the image and likeness of God because the human soul is spiritual and rational, free in its operations, capable of knowing and loving God and of enjoying Him for ever — perfections which reflect a ray of the infinite greatness of the Lord in us.

Man’s last end, his ultimate purpose, is to know and love God. We must communicate with those whom we love and want to know better. God is entitled to our thanks, praise, and adoration.

“If, therefore, we speak of man’s last end as of the thing which is the end, thus all other things concur in man’s last end, since God is the last end of man and of all other things. If, however, we speak of man’s last end, as of the acquisition of the end, then irrational creatures do not concur with man in this end. For man and other rational creatures attain to their last end by knowing and loving God: this is not possible to other creatures, which acquire their last end, in so far as they share in the Divine likeness, inasmuch as they are, or live, or even know.” - St Thomas Aquinas, Summa Theologica, Prima Secundæ Partis Q1 A8

All I can tell you is that after a few days of not doing my 30 mins of prayer first thing in the morning, I start to become less patient, more cynical, and eventually just plain angry all the time. When I keep my prayer routine, all of those problems reverse themselves and I’m more happy, productive, and caring.

Prayer is so important because it is communication with God and gives us many graces. What other way is there for us to get grace than by prayer, sacrifices and the sacraments?

I love to pray and find that it is as important to me as interacting with my family. During the day I often call my husband just to hear his voice. It is the same way with The Lord; I love to hear His voice! Prayer is my lifeline to The Lord !:signofcross:

Hey thanks for the many replies so far!!

However… on this part here…

When I see something bad happen… Whats the difference between me saying it in my heart that I pray for him lord, look after him and me stopping to make the sign of the cross and praying and making it “official” so to speak.

Saying in your heart, “look after him, Lord” is prayer and officially is prayer … that’s how you should be praying throughout most of your day – from your heart and spontaneously. Making the sign of the cross before vocal prayer is very good, but you needn’t make the sign before making ejaculatory prayers or every time you offer a spontaneous prayer. God bless you.

The importance of prayer can be seen when someone no longer prays.
Or what happens in a world which ignores and avoids God of which prayer is the opposite.

On the other hand, we have a miracle at our fingertips called prayer. Using this all things are possible as Jesus said. The greater the faith the greater the miracle.

May God bless and keep you. May God’s face shine on you. May God be kind to you and give you peace.

From God’s perspective both “in my heart” and “official” are interactions with us. When my husband or kids text me, call me, or talk with me in an “official” conversation - I perceive all of this as love conversations. It is our relationship that is important. Each interaction strengthens our love for each other. Same with The Lord! Each interaction with him strengthens the love. He lets me know his love and feel it more and more when there is any type of interaction between us - Mass, reading the Word, Adoration, prayer, etc. He responds to me with even just a thought from my heart lifted to him.

:blessyou: for that :thumbsup:

Scripture says the prayers of the righteous are powerful. Ergo, what’s the point in me praying? Do my prayers even make it to heaven? My hope is that my little voice can kind of blend in with the prayers of the righteous on earth and the saints in heaven…kind of like being carried along in the stream…

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