Why is predestination wrong?


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well the title is the question. I know it is wrong, but I don’t know why.

I’ve had it explained to me and it does seem to make some sense. What I mean to say is that I see the logic behind the idea of predestination.

But why is it wrong? As a I Catholic I obviously don’t beleive in it, but why is it wrong?
Does free will somehow play into this?

Any explination about this would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, well what’s right about predestination, is that we can only come to God if He gave us this grace, and that He is outside of time and sees who will be saved and who wouldn’t be.

But what’s wrong about the idea, as the Calvinists believe it, is that God chooses some people for hell and others for heaven. This not only goes against what we know about God’s nature (God is love and created us for Himself), but it also goes against Scripture, where it says that He wants everyone to come to repentance and is not willing that ANY should perish. :slight_smile:

so I think the Catholic view is that God is calling everyone to a relationship with Him, and offering the grace for this, but we have the free will to either cooperate with this grace, or to refuse it.

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Predestination refers to who you are, where you were born, your parents, genes, family, culture. We all must over come our predestination, Almighty God will help us. We will be judged by how we overcome our predestination :):slight_smile:
Every human being is predistinated to be happy forever in heaven. Because of our free will we may chose to collect a lot of baggage and bad habits which could prevent us from enjoying the bliss of eternal life. We will have the opportunity of purgatory to make up the difference, God is on our side, He wants us to all be with Him forever, a tough job, but He can do it with our help!!:):slight_smile:


Perfectly beautiful answer!

**Don’t confuse predestination with the fact that God has given us all special gifts and has chosen us to serve others in a special way.

He loves us so much that even though we are chosen to serve, we may decide to refuse Him and that is of our own doing, not His.
Sancta Maria, Mater Dei, Ora Pro Nobis Peccatoribus!



A few thoughts from scripture on the idea…

The bible clearly and unequivocally states that we are “predestined,” so if it is “wrong” then God is wrong, and I am sure you would not agree with that. So, what is “wrong” probably falls under the category of a misunderstanding of the truth of the idea. Predestination is not something we overcome or something that has us stuck on a path without free will - it is fact of God’s work that reflects the design of God in us and his desire for us. We are designed for him. Our destiny is pre-set with a godward trajectory - only our sin derails our glorious design. Romans 8:29 and 30 are good places begin to reflect on this idea. As well there are beautiful passages in the Psalms like Psalm 139:13 that reflect God’s work in us even in the womb - and then St. Paul in Ephesians talks about how we were “set apart before the foundation of the world”… All in all, the doctrine is beautiful and shows the work and intent of God in us and in our destiny to complete and perfect union with him. It is true - you were predestined to seek him - find him and follow him - for all eternity. May it be so.


The way I understand it, is that it’s not a matter of predestination vs free will, but both together. We have free will to either do God’s will or disobey him, sending ourselves to either Heaven or Hell. The thing is, even though God gave us the choice and it’s entirely ours to make, He is God and as such is omnipotent. He knew what choices we would make, knew how everything would play out, before He created the very first atom. He doesn’t take away our free will, He just knows our will better than we do.

Hope that makes sense.


Predestination isn’t wrong at all. Catholics are predestinarians. It’s a fairly complicated area of theology but pretty well-developed. There’s some great info here:


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