Why is pride the highest sin?

If some sins are petty compared to others, does that mean DO NOT WORRY or what?

Pride can prevent you from acknowledging your sins and seeking repentance. You falsely view yourself as just when you are not. You live in an alternate reality that is removed from the truth.

The only sin that is capable of sending a soul to hell is the refusal to seek pardon. That cannot be forgiven in this life or the next. All other sins, no matter how grievous, will be forgiven.

I would rather think murder to be the highest sin, but what do I know. I got in deep water here on this forum because I implied that pride could be God-driven for the good of the church and God’s people. Since then I have done some research on pride which I wish some of the members had done before they “beat up” on me. Yes, pride can lead to a whole lot of bad stuff and sin. However, I will with hold my disposition on the subject…because I believe that others should do a little research, too. And keep the peace.

We should of course worry about our sins to a point. We should try not to sin at all, but accept that we do and will unless we become very holy indeed (like a saint) and the vast majority of us will not become so holy until we die, assuming that we are going to Heaven, either directly or via Purgatory…Of course, what to avoid more than anything (as in NOT commit at all ever) are mortal sins and many of us (myself included) mostly just worry about not committing these, although the accumulation of venial (or lesser) sins can very well lead to mortal sin (and often will.)

As to asking about which sin is “highest,” it would be far more accurate to ask, which sin is “lowest” and no, pride is not the lowest form of sin all by itself, however all sins have something to do with pride, as in, all sins are selfish in some way.

That depends. We have several definitions for the single word “pride” in English. Generally, the sin of pride is understood to be different from the concept of pride, such as pride in one’s accomplishments or the self-assured quality that can spring from strong faith.

Pride as a sin is the most serious because it leads us furthest from God. A prideful soul is one that, for example, would not find repentance necessary, or would not believe that they have to submit to legitimate authority.

Murder, particularly premeditated, is one of the most serious effects of severe pride. That is, the murderer believes that their own life and convenience, their own desires, their own pleasure etc. are higher and more important than the life of their victim. Someone who steals money from others believes that their desire for wealth is more important than the right of the other person over their own possessions. Sin in and of itself can be said to spring forth from pride, in that we believe our own will and desire supersedes that of God’s Will for us.

All sin is against God’s love. There is no higher or lower sin. Even venial sins are still sins and acts offending God by offending our very nature, His creation.

Pride is probably considered first among them because it can lead to most sins and, as others have pointed out, even lead to unforgivable sins such as loss of faith in the Spirit (blasphemy against the Spirit).

Capital sins means they are the heads of all sins. They lead to the other sins. Capital. Pride is the first listed because it is the head of many sins.

Honestly, pride is at the heart of all other sins. Sinful pride is deciding that we know better than God, and what is a sin other than thinking that we know better than God?

Pride was the very sin of Satan, and that is why it is often called the highest sin. At the base of what some overly righteous individuals believe is their own intrinsically pure morality is an horrendous pride. It is the result of ego and of believing one has attained a pure moral state, a state that in reality is reserved for God alone. It is in this way, this placing of oneself (perhaps unconsciously) on a level equal to or even higher than God, that there is no greater sin.

Pride seeks to exalt itself above all else. It is intrinsically opposed to faith, hope, and charity, to God.

Cuz Pride is the origin of all other sins whether you realize it or not.

I have only my own opinion on this, but I think that it leads people to believe that they cannot be wrong. If somebody can’t be wrong, how can they learn from their mistakes or ask for forgiveness of them leading one to repeat them over and over. If they never ask for forgiveness then how can they be forgiven?

Have you ever met anyone who refuses to see or admit to being wrong? I have and it is very destructive to themselves and everybody around them.

I do not think it is just overly religious people who suffer from pride, anyone can to be fair.

Pride is placing yourself above God.

Humility is knowing your proper place in the order of creation.


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