Why is religion relevant today?

Explain please.

If there is a God, then religion is always relevent. Catholicism claims to be Truth revealed by God: the Supreme Being. Humanity was created for God and by God. We are designed to need God. Divinely revealed religion allows us to find God and know God, filling that niche that every human being has—we have within our very being a desire for God, even if we are not fully aware of it at this point in our lives. Furthermore, as we are fallen creatures, since the first act of disobedience by our First Parents, we constantly tend towards sin, and need religion, specifically the sacraments Christ has given us in the Church, to be made spiritually alive and free from sin…guiding us on a journey to salvation and eternity with God.

People need something to believe in, an anchor where one can hang on to in times of doubt and crisis. It gives a man certainty over his true purpose in this life, and assurance and confidence in the next.

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Because God exists and we have a need to worship Him. Truth matters.

[quote=Katholikos]Because God exists and we have a need to worship Him. Truth matters.

Piggy-backing on this, Truth matters because to avoid it is to live in denial and a lie. Religion is man’s search for truth. The Christian religion in particular, as a revealed religion in which we believe God has revealed Himself to man. This is a huge claim, but if true, it would be senseless to not give it a *serious * look.

[quote=Raynd]Explain please.

Because it drives people to kill, and to give birth.

To sing, and to sorrow.

To laugh, and to cry.

To love, and to hate.

To do, or to die.

To will, and to surrender.

To play the game, and to drop out.

To defend against, and to remain vulnerable.


[quote=Raynd]Explain please.

Not to be rude, but IF YOU HAVE TO ASK…an explaination likely will not do you much good.


  1. Life after death?
    2 Heaven & hell?
  2. Where will you go?
  3. Where do you want to go?
  4. What can you do?
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